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BiFuel Carpool Lane, I want it back!

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  • BiFuel Carpool Lane, I want it back!

    I'm so ticked that they took away the bifuel cars option to purchase the "clean" air plates. Now they want to find another way to charge everyone to use that lane.

    See article

    Please email Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) Executive Director John Njord.

    [email protected]

    Express your desire to get this privelage back for us....

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    Re: BiFuel Carpool Lane, I want it back!


    I can sense your frustration. I would also be a little upset about bi-fuels denied the HOV lane access, if I lived in Salt Lake County. When the HOV lane was put in place in Salt Lake City, UDOT was following the Federal regulations on only allowing electric hybrids and dedicated CNG vehicles single occupant HOV lane access. Questar made a push to UDOT to allow bi-fuels the HOV lane access. Now with the new law, UDOT is following Federal regulations. In reality, bi-fuels are not as "clean" as dedicated vehicles. If you look at and select a Chevy Cavalier CNG, you will notice that the carbon footprint on CNG is not much lower than the carbon footprint on gasoline. Now one could argue that hybrids emit the same emmissions as a regular gasoline vehicle. So I can sense your frustration.
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      Re: BiFuel Carpool Lane, I want it back!

      If Utah kept single-occupant bi-fuel HOV access it would lose federal highway funding for the lanes.