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Utah State Tax Credit for GFI Conversions

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  • Utah State Tax Credit for GFI Conversions

    I recently bought a CNG dedicated 94 Ford Ranger with a aftermaket GFI conversion. I don't see GFI listed on any of the EPA approved conversion kits. What is my best option now to meet state requirements? Do I have to take the truck to a certified conversion shop and have them write a letter stating it is a cng vehicle? If so does anyone have a list of certified shops? Also, does anyone know how much that letter will cost?

    Thanks in advance for any help you give me.


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    Re: Utah State Tax Credit for GFI Conversions


    To claim the tax credit, you have to show that your aftermarket GFI conversion is EPA or CARB certified. I am not sure if the GFI conversion was EPA/CARB certified at the time it was installed on your '94 Ford Ranger. I would try and find out who did your conversion and when it was done. If you find out who did it, then they may have the documentation you need.
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