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Living in Utah buying GX out of state

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  • Living in Utah buying GX out of state

    Sorry to have to ask this question I believe I already know the answer to this question but I need to ask to be on the safe side. If I buy a GX out of state will I still be able to claim the Utah and Federal incentives? I am thinking that there is no reason I couldn't since all the taxes will still be paid here and be registered here, but I just want to be sure.

    Just registered on this forum yesterday and already everyone has helped out a lot. I actually was going to buy two of these till I saw that people were being affected by the amt and turns out I would have got nothing from a second GX. Thank you to everyone for the previous posts and knowledge.
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    Re: Living in Utah buying GX out of state

    The Federal credit only applies to a NEW Civic. The $3000 Utah one is available for new or used, but only if the credit has never been taken in Utah on that particular vehicle. That's an important point! It's always possible that a used one has been here before, and you'll lose the money. Check with the Tax Commission, using the VIN number.

    The Federal credit must be taken in the year you buy the vehicle. If you run into an Alternative Minimum Tax situation you might get hosed.

    The State credit can be carried over for up to 5 years.

    I'm no expert, but that's my understanding.


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      Re: Living in Utah buying GX out of state

      I did the same thing too, I did buy new.

      The state credit applies to vehicles you register in UT. I started to get worried about the fact that I paid sales tax in Cali but when I filled out the paper work it all looks good.

      The only worry I have right now is that I'll actually have 3k of tax obligation this year to get back.


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        Re: Living in Utah buying GX out of state

        Guess I forgot to mention that I was buying new. Thanks for all the insight though it gives me some peace of mind.