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Utah tax credit for F-150

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  • Utah tax credit for F-150

    I live in utah and am considering buying a Ford F-150. I am trying to budget how much i can afford to spend on one. I was hoping i could have some members tell me ho much their actual utah tax credit turned out to be for a Ford F-150. I have looked at the link in another thread that said the incremental cost for a 2001 F-150 was $2652, which i would get half of in credit ($1326.) But i have been told by a couple of dealers that my credit should near the full $3000 limit. If i could get some replies from members i could more accurately estimate my credit, instead of trusting dealers.
    Thanks in advance.
    I will also post this in the Tax incentives section.

    PS please include the year of your truck.

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    Re: Utah tax credit for F-150

    The form for the Utah credit is a TC-40V and the way it works is you can deduct 50% of the incremental cost of the conversion up to $3000 for a factory converted vehicle. So if you can document that when it was manufactured the CNG Ford F-150 cost at least $6000 more than a gas-only F-150 you can take the $3000 credit. In the past it didn't matter how much you paid for the vehicle but the law is changing to limit the credit to 1/3 of the purchase price but I don't think it goes into effect until 2009.


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      Re: Utah tax credit for F-150

      My understanding...

      Two of my sons bought f150 bi fuel trucks in 2007. One a 2000 and the other a 2001. The one with the 2000 claimed 2900 on the Utah credit and has already received his refund. I am not sure what the other has done. He is a little more laid back and may not have done his taxes yet. However, when he was calling around to the state agencies about the credit, he got a lot of "we aren't sure". It sounded like the people creating the credit and those interpreting weren't on the same page. I believe there are several agencies involved.
      Someone had a web site link (I believe information was from a Ford site) that showed incremental costs. On bi-fuel vehicles, the was a $1500+ fee just to prep the engine, plus about $5400? for the actual option. There are also charts out there that show government agencies showing far lower amounts.
      I would recommend checking the credits second on this forum.


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        Re: Utah tax credit for F-150

        Follow the link

        Under Optional Features
        Engine, 5.4L 8 Cylinder 260 hp Bi-Fuel Prep
        Bi-Fuel Prep, Compressed Natural Gas

        Also note that the engine "Requires 7700 Payload Package"


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          Re: Utah tax credit for F-150

          Be sure to check with the Div of Air Quality to ensure the credit has not already been taken on the vehicle. Details in our Incentives form (I am going to move this thread there).


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            Re: Utah tax credit for F-150

            I was able to get two figures for my 2001 F-150 Bi Fuel:
            1 A dedicated 2000 F-150 for $6000 and change from a forum member
            2. The sticker cost from the Ford Motor Company showing slightly less than $6000.

            Either way you are close to the $3000 tax credit limit.

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              Re: Utah tax credit for F-150

              I live in Idaho but i was curious if my new LNG truck would qualify for the incentives in Utah.

              I sent a note asking about my government owned 1991 truck. keep in mind I only paid 1000.00 for this truck. Of course getting the the purchase price out of the government may be tricky. Seems the tax incentives is worth more then the truck.

              This is the tax people reply to me asking if my truck qualified.

              Hi XXXX,

              Currently there is a state tax credit for the purchase or conversion of
              vehicles that use cleaner burning fuels. If the vehicle has not received the
              tax credit previously and meets the requirements, then it is eligible to receive the credit.
              More information is on the second page of the two-page form required by the tax
              commission, which can be found and filled out here:

              Proof of purchase requirements for the tax credit can be found in the
              administrative code found here:

              Also, replacement parts are not covered by the credit, only conversion costs or incremental costs.

              Thanks and please let me know if you have any questions.


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              Utah Division of Air Quality
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              Salt Lake City, Utah 84116
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                Re: Utah tax credit for F-150

                We got the full 3k on our 07 tax return, and used it all
                01 F150 dedicated, std cab, long bed, 2wd, 4spd auto w/ 5.4 Triton.