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Tax Credit for Fueling?

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  • Tax Credit for Fueling?

    I thought I read somewhere there was a 50 cent per gge purchased tax credit. When I went to H and R block the other day they had no idea what I was talking about. I live in California. Can someone clarify this for me? Is it business only or personnel use?
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    Re: Tax Credit for Fueling?

    There is a Federal tax credit 50 cent per GGE of CNG pumped. This credit is only available for public fueling stations. The natural gas supplier has the first option of claiming the tax credit. If he doesn't, then the owner of the station can. This credit does not apply to homeowners with a Fuelmaker.
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      Re: Tax Credit for Fueling?

      From what I understand if your fueling from home you can claim a credit since your suppose to be paying the yearly excise tax anyway, which for vehicles less that 8500 pounds it equals to $100.

      I also understand that if your fueling from home you must have a seperate meter hooked up to your home fueling device to show what you actually used. However if your fueling from a public place then you cannot take the credit since they are paying the excise tax. I googled this and this is what I found, hope it helps.


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        Re: Tax Credit for Fueling?

        You can claim the credit, but only if you pay the excise tax, and only if you use it for a business (not personal). You have to register with the IRS as an alternative fueler, pay a quarterly excise tax of something like .18 per gge, then claim the rebate of .50 per gge at the end of the year. You end up getting around .32 per gge tax credit for gge's you pump at home, for business purposes. Luckily, my fiancee has a small business, so we're able to write off almost every gge pumped - I figure it will net us about $700 per year.

        Oh, and the credit piece expires in 2009 unless the law is extended.


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          Re: Tax Credit for Fueling?

          check this URL out

          I know in Idaho there is .25 per gal state tax exception on the motor fuel tax. 50% for building a bio-fueling station. I wonder if that would include methane from feed lots supplemented from natural gas supplies?

          30% refund for building new refueling station open to the public.
          .50 cent per gal excise tax refund for re-fuelers open to the public.

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            Re: Tax Credit for Fueling?

            I add this to make this thread reflect current federal tax credit information. The home refueling tax credit has been raised to $2,000. It bears the same limitations as all tax credits, like the $4,000 credit on the vehicle purchase for new alternative fueled vehicles. Please consult your tax profwessional to determine how this incentive may benefit you and your personal tax situation.