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Only Hondas Qualify?

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  • Only Hondas Qualify?

    After looking around at and others, I am coming to the conclusions that:

    1) Honda NGVs qualify for up to a one-time $4,000 federal tax credit, but only when the car is purchased new. Additionally, a Utah tax credit of up to $2,500 can be claimed for Utah residents.

    2) No other brand of small passenger CNG car, new or used, ever qualifies for a federal tax credit.

    3) The upcoming (November?) bill in congress, if passed as written, would not change any of the above but would extend the federal credit’s availability to buyers of Honda NGVs in future years.

    Anyone know if any or all of the above is accurate? Thanks.

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    Re: Only Hondas Qualify?

    And you might even get another $4,500 through the Cash for Junkers program


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      Re: Only Hondas Qualify?

      I don't think so. Here's a recent (jun 09) list of Baytech conversions and the tax credit amount for each from 'the horses mouth'.,00.html

      and BAF,00.html
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        Re: Only Hondas Qualify?

        Thanks Timon and freedml for your replies.

        Timon.....good point, the cash for junkers credit could really make this affordable for me.

        freedml.....right, I had seen that list before, but the smallest vehicle I see on there is a Crown Victoria, and I was hoping for something smaller. I really appreciate your efforts for me.


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          Re: Only Hondas Qualify?

          Shameless plug for our mid-size NaturalDrive dedicated CNG Impala which has $2,500 federal and $2,500 Utah tax credits:

          It is EPA ILEV certified so it qualifies for single-occupant HOV lane access (Utah "C" plate).


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            Re: Only Hondas Qualify?

            I love my new Honda, wudda got a ND Impala...but I cant get one here.
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