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  • cng refuieling credit

    I have recently heard that there is a rebate of .30 a gal from the IRs available to businesses that use cng vehicles.

    I have purchased a cng truck for my company. My plan is to purchase a few more after a short trial period. We also purchased a fmq-2-36 for fueling that we will install at the shop.

    I wanted to know if I qualify for the the rebates available using the 8911 form
    refueling property credit as a business.


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    Re: cng refuieling credit

    I looked into this a while ago and this is what I recall.

    There is a rebate, BUT, to get the rebate, you have to be paying the motor fuel tax. If you are going to pay the tax anyway, by all means apply for the rebate. The rebate is more than the tax, BUT if you sign-up for both and they discontinue the rebate, you'll be stuck paying the tax.

    This was designed for Commercial Fuel Sellers. It was pretty clear that businessess that use CNG for their own fleet also qualify, but not clear whether individuals can qualify.
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      Re: cng refuieling credit

      How does the state collect road taxes.

      so does that mean if you boot leg in a fuel fill station at home, meaning the state does not know about it, then you apply for the tax rebate, then the state knows about it.


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        Re: cng refuieling credit

        To apply for the 50 cent federal rebate, you must first apply to pay the IRS the 13 cent per gallon federal tax. How the state does it would depend on your state.
        Dave Clement