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replacement HOV stickers

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  • replacement HOV stickers

    Recently, my NGV was rear-ended and the bumper needed to be replaced. THis is the same bumper that had my HOV stickers on it.

    I am currently in the process with the DMV to get replacement stickers. I believe i have followed their procedure very carefully. Hopefully all will go well.

    The question I have for the forum is:

    Given that i have the "clean air vehicle sticker certificate", can i drive in the hov lane and merely present that certificate if I get pulled over? Or without the actual stickers on the car will i be subject to the carpool lane restriction fine?

    Sitting in san diego traffic is adding 25 minutes each way without the HOV lane in play.

    ANy feedback would be appreciated. Thank you.

    Ken Mcloughlin

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    Re: replacement HOV stickers

    I had a passenger side rear quarter panel repainted and never bothered to order a replacement sticker. I haven't been pulled over yet, but I get nervous every time I drive past a parked CHP vehicle patrolling the Bay Bridge car pool lane.

    Missing the rear sticker is probably more noticeable. It's going to be up to the discretion of the CHP officer that pulls you over. Most likely, unless they are in a bad mood, you will get a warning the first few times.