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License Plate # Needed to Apply for Sticker?

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  • License Plate # Needed to Apply for Sticker?

    I just purchased a new 2009 Civic GX yesterday and want to get the process of ordering the carpool lane sticker immediately. I have printed out the form from the DMV website, but notice it calls out for the "vehicle license number", along with the VIN (which I can obviously supply). Can anyone tell me if waiting for your plates is absolutely necessary? And if so, is there a way to expedite getting the plates?

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    Re: License Plate # Needed to Apply for Sticker?

    The plate # is needed, however, the # will be in the system before you actually get the plates. wait about 2 weeks , then call the dealer daily and have them check the dmv system . I'm sure they will get tired of you asking , but without you , the car dealer does not exist !. One important thing to check, talk directly with the dmv paperwork person at the dealer and make sure the "MP" box has N in it on the report of sale. ( N for natural gas).

    Read this entire thread.

    Happy driving.


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      Re: License Plate # Needed to Apply for Sticker?

      Thank you very much. Great information.


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        Re: License Plate # Needed to Apply for Sticker?

        I would call the dealer today and make sure they put the right MP code on the application. If that's wrong, someone will need to undo it before you get the stickers.

        Don't hold your breath. I bought a GX last summer and it took over 2 months to get the stickers.
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          Re: License Plate # Needed to Apply for Sticker?

          It is EXTREMELY critical that several things be done correctly.
          First is on the "report of sale of motor vehicle" that the Motive power box indicate "N" and NOTHING ELSE. Call the dealer and absolutely confirm this. If they give you any other answer, get it fixed. At all cost, before it gets sent in.
          Is the dealer one of those that has a 'direct DMV' system? What I mean is that
          the dealer actually has a direct DMV connection/authorization to title the car and issue the PERMANENT registration (Title comes from DMV)?
          You can ask the finance person, and if they seem to not understand the question, ask "Do you actually issue the registration or do you send the paperwork to DMV in Sacramento with your dealer packet"?
          If your selling dealer is one that does the direct computer work, you can have the License number within about 24 hours. (actually 24 hours of them receiving certified funds for the car) Then you can mail in your Reg 1000. Send me a Private message before doing this, if you want minimum time turn around.(2-3 weeks).

          If they use "the old fashioned way" they have about 20 days to send their packet in, and with DMV being VERY slow, the paperwork may not get into their system for almost 6-8 weeks.
          You will have your license palte number in about 8 weeks, and then mail in your Reg 1000.
          I will help you expedite it if you send me a pm.


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            Re: License Plate # Needed to Apply for Sticker?

            I bought a new Civic GX and have License plate in hand now.
            I am preparing to send reg1000 to sacramento and would like to find if i am missing anything.
            I have got the following:
            1)completed reg1000
            2)Vehicle verification done at local DMV, the form has "N" in DM field
            3) $8 cheque

            Do i need to include anything from FastTrack? is there a way i can speed up the process?
            CaptJeff, can you help me as well??