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$3000 California rebate in doubt

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  • $3000 California rebate in doubt

    I received my '09 white GX, (Yah!) and was reassured by the salesman to go ahead and fill out the CA rebate even thou the money was gone for it because there would probably be more put back into it. All well and good but he FORGOT to mention that it was for the '07 and '08 not the 2009 (check with Mary Venables). If I had known this I would have taken a different color 2008. Talk about getting kicked in the teeth.

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    Re: $3000 California rebate in doubt

    They may still add the 09 GXs when and if the 08 rebates are all paid out. I would send in the paperwork anyway. That is what Mary V. suggested to my friend who recently purchased one. Although he decided at the last minute to purchase an 08 for that reason.There are still 08 GX available to purchase. I saw 2 in Orange County over the weekend. I guess there is not as much demand as there was last year.