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CA to renew HOV lane access?

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  • CA to renew HOV lane access?


    A thought just occurred to me - isn't the single-occupant carpool rule about to expire in California? I thought it ended Dec 31st, 2007. Has anyone heard whether it's going to be renewed?

    I know they stopped handing out hybrid stickers, and the Feds are getting restless because the fed mandates say the average speed in carpool lanes has to be 45 mph avg or greater, and there are clogs around LA that violate that in spades.

    I wish Washington State was as progressive as California (can't drive single-occupant in the carpool lane - nuts...)

    - Kameron
    2003 Ford Crown Victoria CNG

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    Re: CA to renew HOV lane access?

    It was extended to 2011 when they let the Hybrids in .


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      Re: CA to renew HOV lane access?

      You're right, there is a 45 mph mandate, however it is not supposed to drop below 45 fro more than so many hours per day, and so many days a week. We are in violation, as you said. The first thing that will happen is that they will either do a big crack-down on the cheaters, or review Hybrid access. Alt Fuel vehicles are not on the chopping block due to the very low numbers registered in the state. You can pretty much plan on seeing HOV access extended until 2017, or thereabouts, if the state plans on meeting Federal Gasoline consumption cuts. At this stage, they are looking for incentives to help. Lose the incentives and progress slows.


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        Re: CA to renew HOV lane access?

        Where have you heard that the HOV access will be extended past 2011? Do you think it will continue to include hybrids?


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          Re: CA to renew HOV lane access?

          Re-read my last post. I make the point that if Ca is going to meet the energy objectives of both the energy act of 2006 and Schwartzennegers mandates on gasoline consumption reduction time tables, they would be foolish to remove those incentives.

          You'll have CE and NGV America pushing for continuation. I would put money on it that it doesn't go away, at least for alt fuels.


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            Re: CA to renew HOV lane access?

            Per the Cal CARB, the new date is January, 2011:


            This page updated FEBRUARY 20, 2007

            California law allows single-occupant use of High Occupancy Vehicle (HOVs) lanes by certain clean alternative fuel and full-electric vehicles. Use of these lanes with only one occupant requires an identification sticker issued by the California Department of Motor Vehicles. These stickers will be valid until January 1, 2011 at which time this access program expires.

            Access for cleaner hybrid vehicles under this program was limited to the first 85,000 applicants. This limit has been reached and there are no further extensions of this program anticipated. Hybrid vehicles listed here are the only models that qualified and there will be no further updates to the hybrid vehicles listed below. This list is maintained for enforcement and reference purposes only and any new applications for HOV stickers for these vehicles will be rejected.


            For information regarding Fastrak toll requirements for San Francisco Bay Area residents click here.

            For additional information please contact the ARB Public Information Office at (800) 242-4450.


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              Re: CA to renew HOV lane access?

              What's your point? We already know what the law says. It's the intent of what the state and feds have commited to accomplish that makes this incentive unlikely to go away before 2016.

              There's even been legislation to allow more hybrids into the carpool lane. I seriously doubt we'll see that because it jepordizes the states federal funds if the HOV lane gets any more conjested than it already is.