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Pickens Plan in Energy Bill

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  • Pickens Plan in Energy Bill

    Who is following the new energy bill that Senate Majority leader Harry Reid is introducing next week (July 26)? How much of S1408 will be in there? The Kerry energy bill only included heavy vehicles and fleets, and did not reinstate the .50/gal tax credit. Plus, with cap and trade, that bill was dead on arrival.

    The Reid bill does not include cap and trade, from what I have read, so it stands a much better chance of passing. There are few details on the CNG components of the bill, though. Anyone know the scoop?

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    Re: Pickens Plan in Energy Bill

    I heard republicans saying that Obama is using the BP spill as an excuse to pass new tax legislation with this bill... It would be nice to use the spill as reason to push for alternatives..