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  • Incentives State/Federal-All States

    Here is the link to the AFDC page listing all incentives for every state, as well as the federal programs. It doesn't show all local incentives, and some may not be up to the minute accurate, but it's a good resource.

    Edited to add:
    Congress removed the issue we used to have with alt fuel vehicle tax credits (Form 8910) not being able to offset AMT (alternative minimum tax) liabilities. Spread the word!

    The IRS page is here with PDF attached:,00.html

    CNGchat discussion thread is here:
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    Re: Incentives State/Federal-All States

    Can anyone tell me where to find the Federal Tax Credit for converting a private passenger vehicle to CNG?



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      Re: Incentives State/Federal-All States

      IRS Form 8910
      Here is the current draft for the 2008 tax year

      2007 is here:

      List of qualified conversions is here:,00.html

      The above list is notoriously late in posting new EPA certified dedicated alt fuel vehicles, so you can ask the manufacturer of the system for his own attestation and IRS letter. The 4th document here is an example:,14/Itemid,28/


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        Re: Incentives State/Federal-All States (IRS Form 8910)

        What’s the deal with IRS Form 8910? The draft dated 3/4/09 looks essentially the same as the 2007 form. I’m expecting a $5000 refund and my CPA told me I can’t file until this form finalized. I feel I’m being held hostage by IRS.

        Aren’t they mandated to get the new forms out in a timely manner? What do I do if they don’t get it out by April 15?

        Are they planning on changing the tax credit? What’s going on?!!!

        Also I can’t find any instructions for that form on
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        08 Civic GX


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          Re: Incentives State/Federal-All States

          Does anyone know where I can find the incremental cost breakdown for a 2012 Honda Civic CNG? My accountant says she needs a report showing the cost breakdown.


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            Re: Incentives State/Federal-All States

            Welcome to the forum, nice to see another OK owner, document you needed is here
            and in this thread


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              Re: Incentives State/Federal-All States

              Awesome!!! Thank you so much. I have been searching the internet all week and Honda wouldn't send me anything. Thanks again.


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                Re: Incentives State/Federal-All States

                Clean Cities Updates
                Interactive map allows you to easily find what is applicable to you
                AFDC Enhancement Makes Finding Applicable Laws and Incentives Easier

                There are hundreds of laws, incentives, and programs directly related to alternative fuels and vehicles, advanced technologies, and air quality. The newly enhanced Laws and Incentives page on the Alternative Fuels Data Center (AFDC) website now makes it easier to find the handful that are applicable to you, your program, and your stakeholders.
                Read more on the laws and incentives page.

                Search All Laws and Incentives

                Use an advanced or keyword search to find a specific federal or state law or incentive.

                View Tables of Laws and Incentives

                View laws and incentives sorted by technology/fuel, incentive, regulation, or user.

                Read Key Legislation

                Read selected legislation summaries about alternative transportation technologies.

                Find Local Laws and Incentives

                Find examples of laws and incentives from local governments.

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                  Re: Incentives - Louisiana

                  7/9/15 - Louisiana rolls back NGV tax credit, equalizesCNG and LNG excise fuel tax with gasoline

                  Two legislative measures passed in Louisiana will impact the wayNatGas transportation fuels are taxed and the amount of stateincentives available for purchasing NGVs.Signed into law in June and effective on the first of July this year,ACT 147 phases out the state’s special fuels decal requirement forvehicles fueled by CNG, LNG, and propane. ACT 147 alsoequalizes the excise tax the state levies on CNG and LNG, and propane, with the tax levied on gasoline. Read more