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  • The Sweet Spot

    I have been thinking about where the sweet spot would be for home refuleing system. Based on the $4k price for Phill, I dont see this being a mass-market product.

    For me, the price would have to be under $2k and a no brainer at $1k.

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    Re: The Sweet Spot

    i've been struggling with this too... right now the phill is $2k.... but install is an other $4k.... and will last for about 70k or 80k miles and then an other $2k...

    it came down for me to this:

    - i might save money in the long run depending on where the gas prices go
    - i would not get a CNG car without home refueling, the convenience and time saving factor... i don't want to go to a gas station every two days... depending on where i am at that could add 40-60 mins a week
    - so the bottom line: i might save money, i will save time and i WILL FEEL BETTER ABOUT commuting 100 miles a day ! I am doing what i can to be friendly to our earth....

    i know for a lot of people it's about saving money... think about the world too...


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      Re: The Sweet Spot

      At a information meeting I attended at the AQMD for building and planing and Fire authorities regarding the Phill, besides safety, Fuelmaker was showing the reason most people would be installing this unit for the connivance. I do agree with the statement that at $1000.00 would be a no brainer. At the original announcement That was the price but as each year went by the price kept climbing. The Phill only came to fruition after Honda came on board. I wish Fuelmaker would sell this unit as a owner installed item. A water heater is more complicated to install with a greater safety risk.