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I have nonprocessed gas pipeline

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  • I have nonprocessed gas pipeline

    need info on filter dryer system to use in front of compressor i'm told I cant get a warrentee even if I use a dryer so if I invest 10,000 in system I need to know it will work.Any info please? thanks Mark

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    Re: I have nonprocessed gas pipeline

    What is the thru-put on your compressor, or model? Did your package come with amy inlet or outlet filters or coalesor?


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      Re: I have nonprocessed gas pipeline

      I haven't purchased any model. I talked to [email protected] I don't remember all the details but in my notes I've got "FM2"$9,800 a filter would be $1000 to $3000 and she said I needed to get a gas annalisis I'm not sure where to get this. I seen the site with the homemade filter/dryer I would need more info before I ruin a compressor.Any info please thanks mark


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        Re: I have nonprocessed gas pipeline

        Hey Mark Chase,

        Great to hear some CNG supporters in Arkansas as I live in Oklahoma and have friend near Bentonville, AR who has to drive to Miami, OK to fillup with cng.

        During a purchase of cng vehicle in NY, I travelled thru PA and met guy with own gas well who was doing same thing as you - - installing a dryer to get gas ready for compressor. It can be done rather cheaply with basic supplies like pvc pipe filled with material that draws the moisture out of the gas as it passes thru the material. We researched and found guy in PA who had built his own dryer and all working great. Check out The website gives very good information about building your own dryer etc.

        I'd recommend you get a used fmq2-36 Fuelmaker which is 3,600 psi (or if all you have is 3,000 psi vehicles, then go with fm4 fuelmaker). Rebuilt compressor head from Fuelmaker is only around $1,000 or so - - easy for you to install yourself. Then add some storage tanks (ie cascade of say 6 tanks of 6 gge or larger), then you could have your own mini fast-fill. Call the owner of Springfield, MO public cng site (David Bowgen) and he can give you great info.

        P.S. Have you found any cng refueling spot at all in Arkansas ?? We have not.
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          Re: I have nonprocessed gas pipeline

          Xebec makes dryers specifically for the inlet to compressors. I'm not sure what size range they make, but you can check their web site.

          Ivys Adsorption provides end-to-end systems for gas purification and the production of renewable gases such as renewable natural gas and renewable hydrogen.


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            Re: I have nonprocessed gas pipeline

            You can get the gas analasis from the well producer they have to do that before they can put it in the transmission line. Verify the pressure also some of the wells run about 700 PSI around here and have to be regulated down. Another cost for step down regulator, might take more then one regulator.


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              Re: I have nonprocessed gas pipeline

              Hello Mark,

              Here's another source for dessicant dryers that I've used successfully with the FM's... I've also attached some of the specs on it fyi.

              I agree with the gas analysis. I rented a portable unit to test for moisture for under $75 (see picture). But the filter has a sight window that changes color when it's saturated.

              Good luck,

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                Re: I have nonprocessed gas pipeline

                Xebec dryers are more designed for large fueling systems. You will find them very expensive, but they do fit nicely in certain markets.
                The Van Air dryers are a decent system for smaller home fueling systems. They are a deliquescent dryer similar to what is talked about in The little Machine Shop webpage.

                PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not be a dumb ass and build a dryer out of PVC pipe!!!! I don't care if it is running at low pressure, if you are going to build your own dryer do it out of steel pipe, preferable with forge steel pipe fittings. There are reasons why gas plants don't use PVC pipe and malleable pipe fittings. Also do not try and use old propane tanks for this type of dryer. The desiccant used in a deliquescent dryer is basically a salt tablet. The salt and water combination will eat a hole in your propane tanks as propane tanks are not built with any corrosion allowances. Old air receivers work well as they usually have a 1/8 corrosion allowance when built.

                Most home dryers using deliquescent tablets can be made out of 3" or 4" pipe with caps, depending on the flow of gas you require.

                I fully support the do it yourselfer. Great ideas come from the back yard guy, but lets do it safe.

                Next thing you know, someone will try and store the gas in a zip lock bag.
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                  Program allows CNG dryers to continue operating at peak energy efficiency

                  NGT News Nov 12, 2013 Xebec Rolls Out Exchange Program For CNG Dryer Components

                  Quebec-based manufacturer Xebec is offering a program whereby the company enables compressed natural gas (CNG) station operators to exchange used dew-point probes for natural gas dryers in return for recalibrated units...

                  Xebec says that through the program, customers send a purchase order to the company for a recalibrated probe, with the item number included. Xebec returns an order confirmation with a return material authorization (RMA) form and ships a recalibrated probe to customers...

                  At the CNG station, customers install the probe on the dryer and send back the old probe with a copy of the RMA form. Xebec then issues a credit for the old probe.

                  For more information, call (450) 979-8733 or email [email protected].

                  Quebec-based manufacturer Xebec is offering a program whereby the company enables compressed natural gas (CNG) station operators to exchange used


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                    Seems Xebec refurbished driers are available through eBay for about $9000.