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FM-3 Lower Bell Removal.

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  • FM-3 Lower Bell Removal.

    I pulled the motor and pump unit out of my FM-3, removed the pump and rotor, and am looking down into the windings. So far, so good.

    There was a little plastic tag on the rim that warned that the warranty would be void if removed. Which of course, I did.
    Looking into the hole, I see a roll pin.

    Now, to remove the lower aluminum bowl that covers the motor windings, something has to happen next.

    Has anybody ever taken the bottom end of one of these apart?

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    Re: FM-3 Lower Bell Removal.

    There is a long spring in the channel that has to be pulled out. The plastic tag blocked the ends from possibility of it moving. (sliding out)

    Why do you need to separate the control module from the motor module? The part is a complete replacement assembly and can only be purchased as such.

    What is/was your original issue?


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      Re: FM-3 Lower Bell Removal.

      What is a FM-3 . . . never heard of such a thing??

      There was the old C-3 that Fuelmaker sold as workhorse home VRA for about 20 years.


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        Re: FM-3 Lower Bell Removal.

        Sorry. FM4. Thinking one thing, and typing another.

        A spring. OK, I'll see if I can pull the spring now that I know what it actually is.
        I gave the spring a push and pull and it doesn't move. But there is corrosion that may be inhibiting movement.
        After the spring is pulled, what next?

        The unit looks like a 95. The Program Chip reads: V64.14, 45.0006, JUL95

        The pump unit is marked CPQ-2.5 KFFA

        The motor and control module is marked CU4-033xx

        I got the unit in a trade and it's in pretty rough shape. Looks like it spent several years not far from salt water. Not close, but not far.

        Pretty much, I just want to take it apart and see how it's made. I don't think it's ever going to run again without a complete rebuild and some updated electronics, it 's something to tinker with.

        I'll post pictures when I get a little PC problem resolved here.


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          Re: FM-3 Lower Bell Removal.

          looks like it's an FMQ 2.5.


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            Re: FM-3 Lower Bell Removal.

            HYes it is a Q2.5 which is a 3000 psi at 2.5 cu/ft/mn

            I wouldn't worry about getting the control module separated from the motor module unless one of them needs replacing. Lift the compressor module off (4 bolts) and you can see basically all there is to see down inside it. The new parts come as a control module that is already both pieces. (motor and control) If your scavenging parts then that is a different story.

            Outside condition, corrosion means little to a hermetically sealed system. Try it before...