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FMQ2-36 Issues - backup unit down

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    Re: FMQ2-36 Issues - backup unit down

    Joe, thanks for the suggestion. I am curious what the difference is between a fm2-36 and a fm4 compressor module. Obviously there is a different burst disc and the control board is programmed differently for temperature/pressure cut off. My vehicles have 3600 psi tanks and my fm4 never pumps over 2500 psi regardless of temperature. (Maybe my gauge is poorly calibrated or my FM4 has a bad pressure transducer.)
    Anyway I would think I could put in the 3600 psi module and the electronics in the control panel would shut it down using the temperature/pressure curve for the fm4.



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      Re: FMQ2-36 Issues - backup unit down

      Karl, to upgrade the compression module to 3600 psi you also need to upgrade the electronics module and the control module. These are all calibrated for the proper components to prevent parts mixing. 3000 psi and 3600 psi parts differ.


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        Re: FMQ2-36 Issues - backup unit down

        On my third electronics module, second compressor module. i bought a spare board, control module, two high pressure transducers and a rebuild kit, the rebuild kit ws from greenfuels, no manual for it of course.
        i am about to rebuild my head and the board i just burned up i am going to try to repair by replacing the obvious burned diodes. When fuelmaker went out so did my fm2. dedicated work van, i was SKREWED. the guy in canada saved [me] and he allowed me to buy the spares without a core trade. so when the board burned this time i had a back up... but i spent 500 bones for a used one.. that is one of the problems.... we were buying used equip for a premium.. let me elaborate.
        my control module went out ( i bought the fm2 used), so i bought a new control module, actually it was used, i had no idea went wrong with the original one.. well during the bankrupcy the control module went out again.. i found out what went out was a temp sensor that is in the wiring strip, the strip that al the wires connect to, it's probably a $5 part. i was lucky enought to talk to a unemployed fulemaker techand he said put a diode in line to knock down the voltage within spec cause the fm2 was not over heating it just thought it was.. then i talked to the green fuels guy and he told me to just jump the wire which was a bad idea cause it cooked my board and they were SO generous as to sell me a rebuild kit for 1/2 off.. ****
        so i bought a new control module, paid to have my board repaired (man those guys were [bad] about that), and bought another board in the meantime. so i have a control module in storage with a bad temp sensor.. which i am in the market for.. anyone??? i have a 2 extra high pressure transducers if you are in the market.. and now one burned board cause for some reason it sizzled today and i dont know why.. but.. i am going to try to fix it, never done but i dont have anything to loose..
        as far as the control module there are only a few parts inthere and none of them are probably made by fuelmaker.. it would be nice if someone who use to work there would put some diagnostic info up so we wouldnt get screwed..
        PROBLEM. we are in a up hill battle with society, NG is just like solar, a bunch of people are using it now and there are installers all over they hit the tipping point. we CNG users are so far away from the tipping point it's awful. We need support from all over and some of the easiest support can be some simple information.. where can i buy individual parts for the fuelmakers, not whole modules AND what are the reading suppose to be ohms, watts, volts.. how many of you replaced a electronics board for $500 plus when what went out may have been a $5 capacitor... this kinda [stuff] takes the wind out of this movement. And this is a movement.
        so If anyone has real nitty gritty tech info we need it please...
        sorry for the rant.. it's just i am out another $800 bucks on this thing so i am pretty fired up and I am ready to go.
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