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FM4 Installation gas line?

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  • FM4 Installation gas line?

    I'm installing a FM4. I heard you can use 1/2" for up to 26'. If you are installing for more than 26' you need a 3/4" line. I also heard you need a 1" line all the way. Does anyone have any firm foundation on this?

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    Re: FM4 Installation gas line?

    If you're running a new line, use the largest size as the cost of the pipe itself is minimal. If you have an existing 1/2" line go ahead and use it. If it's the only thing on the line, you should be fine way past 26'.
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      Re: FM4 Installation gas line?

      I have a line that Tees out of the main line into the house. That tee goes into the garage, I can tap into it. I don't know how much pressure there will be in a 1/2" line. I talked to Sno-Motions. Rick said 3/4" for a fuel maker.


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        Re: FM4 Installation gas line?

        I always use 1 1/4 " gas line to all FuelMaker VRA's, (FM4, FM2 or FMQ2-36)gives you a little extra in the line when it goes through the initial start up and less chance of low pressure error out.
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