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How loud is the fuelmaker?

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  • How loud is the fuelmaker?

    I should have a garage built by spring time and wanted to know how huch noise the differant fuealmakers made so I know if I should keep it away from the bedroom window side or not.
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    Re: How loud is the fuelmaker?

    To me it sounds like a pool pump. Mine is mounted on a garage wall facing the rear wall of my house and I can barely hear it threw my open bedroom window, which is about 30 feet away. Our lots in Santa Monica are 50 X 150 and I have never had a complaint from a neighbor. I only use it once every two weeks or so. Gas is so cheap at the pumps I just run it to "exercise" it. When the price of cng crosses 3.5 to 4 dollars a gge I would probably use it more. My 09 is one and a half years old with 14k on it. The fueling device is a Phill.
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      Re: How loud is the fuelmaker?

      I have the outside model FMQ-2. It sits on ground level under a wood stairway just below my second floor bedroom windows.
      With the windows closed, it is a faint humm. When open, there is slightly more sound like a pool pump or a quiet AC condensing unit.
      I sleep better with some background sound anyway. Never complaints from neighbors.

      I would suggest the FMQ series - better duability, parts can be replaced, compressor heads can be rebuilt, higher capacity than the Phill, etc.
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        Re: How loud is the fuelmaker?

        You can have a normal conversation 30' away, but not standing right next to the unit.


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          Re: How loud is the fuelmaker?

          Not as loud as a ac unit for the FMQ models and even less for the PHILL model. The FMQ's you can add a tree or shrub to also help cut the noise out. But you'll never get a complaint from a neighbor because it's not as loud as your ac units like I said before.

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            Re: How loud is the fuelmaker?

            Phill runs at 45 decibels, quieter than most window air conditioners. If on a common wall to the house there could be some vibration transmission into the living area.

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              Re: How loud is the fuelmaker?

              I have an FM4 and 45db is about right. Not a problem at all -- even for an overnight fill.