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My Phill is disabled, needs parts help!

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  • My Phill is disabled, needs parts help!

    Help! The ribbon connector from the front control panel of my Phill went bad back in January (corrosion) and although Dave Stubbings has been very nice trying to get me a new or serviceable part, nothing has happened to date and the future looks bleak for prompt service. I need a new or serviceable cover for my Phill. My understanding is that the control panel is an integral component of the cover. This makes it very easy to replace, IF I can find a working cover! Any help would be appreciated. Perhaps you're Phill is disabled in another way and I could borrow or rent your cover until parts become available? Any help, guidance or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. If anyone knows someone who could repair the connector ribbon? I can send pictures if necessary. THANKS!

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    Re: My Phill is disabled, needs parts help!

    Good luck getting any repair parts. My unit is brand new and only worked for one fill. It stoped
    working back on November 14th. 2009. The error code is showing the remote gas sensor is bad. I have talked
    to Dave Stubbings many times and he keeps telling me he is trying to find a replacement. It has been almost 6 months
    and I still have not got it replaced. I keep emailing and leaving messages for Dave, but I have not heard from him in over a month.
    Looks like we are just out of luck.