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Your Salt Lake City Fuelmaker team is back!

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  • Your Salt Lake City Fuelmaker team is back!

    For almost twenty years we were the technicians behind the scenes you trusted to professionally rebuild your Fuelmaker compressors. With the surprise bankruptcy of Fuelmaker we were left just as stranded as the rest of you. After working in the trenches all these years we saw the weaknesses in the compressors, we brought our concerns to Fuelmaker to modify parts and components to produce a much more reliable longer running product, but these suggestions always fell upon deaf ears.

    When Fuelmaker was dismantled, we spent the last year working with some of the United States top casting, molding, CNC, and metal hardening/anodizing companies to produce compressor parts that exceed Fuelmaker's OEM components. We have established a relationship with the original O-ring, piston ring, and piston sleeve manufacture for Fuelmaker. We have brought in twenty years worth of worn, burned, and melted O-rings and have worked with their engineers to replace the original rings with products suited for the heat and cycles these units are experiencing. We worked with specialized lubrication companies to find the proper lubrication for our redesigned yoke assemblies.

    We built a testing yard that utilizes a quick fill station we manufactured. For the past year we have had a C3 and four FMQ's keyed to run non-stop. After every 1000 hours we would tear them down and analyze the entire compressor for wear and make necessary engineering changes. We are proud of what we have accomplished and looking back, blessed for being able to incorporate the decades of experience to offer a more reliable compressor.

    We are currently have contracts with loyal municipal and company fleets, with a average turn around of two weeks on FULLY rebuilt compressors.
    We will be opening to the public very soon. Will release more information later

    George Ott

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    Re: Your Salt Lake City Fuelmaker team is back!

    Welcome to CNGchat George!
    Everyone is anxious to see more options in the home and small business refueling space. We wish you the best.


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      Re: Your Salt Lake City Fuelmaker team is back!

      Planning on offering rebuilt units? Any idea of rebuilding costs?


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        Re: Your Salt Lake City Fuelmaker team is back!

        Originally posted by rtry9a View Post
        Planning on offering rebuilt units? Any idea of rebuilding costs?

        We are currently refurbishing FMQ2-36 units and will be offering them for sale, soon.

        Compressor rebuild pricing is still being played with. We want to stay competitive and steer customers away from the cheap "get-you-by" rebuilds, but at the same time offer a 100% rebuilt compressor with warranties and back-up service. We are fine-tuning the cost, this is why we are working with our current customer base before we open up to the thousands of private owners stranded out there.

        Wasatch front residence will be able to take advantage of free on-site diagnostics and in most cases same day compressor replacement. We basically bring out a newly rebuilt, tested, and warrantied compressor and swap it with the old. We still have all the capabilities of reprogramming the hour chips and utilizing plug-in daignostic tools to monitor the system. We have teamed with local professionals to accomodate all types of repairs, electronics, capacitors, sensors, motors, hoses, basically offer all round service which we were doing before the bankruptcy.

        We are straight not interested in touching, getting near, or servicing the Phil units. We spun our wheels enough during the early consumer days to know that there are still a ton of gremlins that need to be sorted out. In the interest of building a stronger CNG infastructure we support and wish the best to those furthering it's technology. We are dedicated to educating the public, local jurisdictions, and government on the importance of expanding on the abundant and cheap resources of CNG. Seems like everytime CNG starts to get a grip in the mindset of America, the hidden powers that be, beat it back down.....we are all so close. The original Fuelmaker company was visionaries and sacrificed and invested millions of dollars and man-hours to only be slapped at every corner by Canadian, American, and world beauracracies. These hidden laws, standards, codes, and restrictions are not necessarily there to protect the public from what they say is a potentially lethal experiment, but have been implemented to impede on any attempts to produce, manufacture, and sell economically priced CNG pumps to every home.
        This is our two cents