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  • Phil Issue

    I am posting this here becuase I have had good luck with you Curtis on getting me answers and hopefully you can help. My Phill is less than a year old and I noticed recently the red warning light came on, at the same time I noticed the refill time has taken a lot longer. My gas bill was always right around $100, but today I got my 350 bill. I think there is a leak of sorts, so who do I contact now that the company changed owners and does nayone have their contact information? Also, anyone have this same issue with maybe a quick fix? Thanks

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    Re: Phil Issue

    That would be a pretty massive leak which you would be able to smell. First, shut off the supply to Phill and read your gas meter for a number of days to check for leaks elsewhere.
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      Re: Phil Issue

      Ken, I would start with a call to the gas co. They could have simply misread your meter. You'd have to be leaking 250% of what your whole house is using... not likely.

      As for your run time, the unit will take up to 20% longer once it reaches 80% of it's useful run time of 6000 hrs (on the older units) I don't know about the last generation they were releasing. Driving 100 miles per day would wear the unit out at about 3 1/2 years, so a one year old unit should be nowhere near that point unless you drive 300 miles a day or so.

      It seems the sole right to service Phill in CA is (dare I say the name) GESI. (Google them if you must) Gas Equipment Systems Inc has what appears to be exclusive rights to... nothing. Well, it will remain nothing until FSS gets into production on the Phill, which the rumors say, may be never at the rate they are going. They were supposed to be in production the 1st qtr of 2010... but from what I can gather... they aren't even close, but good luck getting any strait answers from the co. on that one. I only hope I'm wrong here... but I wouldn't hold my breath.

      I wish I had a magic bullet for you here, brother, but it looks like I wasn't as much help as you'd hoped.

      You appear to be in a very crowded little boat with a lot of other good people. I feel for you and hope FSS starts to do what they said they'd do... soon!


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        Re: Phil Issue

        The actual meter reading should be listed on your bill. Just go out and confirm that it is near accurate. If it is WAY off, you can usually just call them and tell them what you CURRENTLY are reading, and they will usually rebill you at that point. Gas meters (because of the alternating rotation on the needles) can be misread very easily, even by someone who does it every day. The good thing is, they are aware of this, and are usually quite helpful.
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          Re: Phil Issue

          If you have the power light and the error light on only it is a software error. The fan may run constantly. If any of the level lights are on, they indicate an error code. Without the complete description of which lights are on, we can't help much.

          A leak of $250 would likely be a serious fire hazard and be very smelly. I sure wouldn't be in the house untill the issue is answered!!!


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            Re: Phil Issue

            This is a way-old thread, but we are having the same problem with our Phill unit. It powers up, acts like it's going to go, then the error light comes on. When I held down the stop button for a few seconds, the "hose leak" code shows up but I doubt there is any hose leak. We tried unplugging it for a minute to reset and it does the same thing. It has between 2250 and 2499 service hours on it so it's not been used up or anything. When we bought this unit, it was very expensive, and super expensive to install. We fear what this will be to have someone look at it. Could I even get a replacement hose? Is there some way to clean the nozzle? Does anyone know anyone in the Sacramento area who services these Phill units? Thanks! -Krista


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              Re: Phil Issue

              Hi Krista,

              A hose leak code is a leak and the hose but also the line back to the 4th stage head can be leaking. It could also be the connection at the car. The first test to do is leave the hose disconnected from the car (and if a 90 degree nozzle don't hang it up) and start the Phill. If it pressures up the hose and shuts off with all 5 level lights lit you probably need a new Oring in the vehicle receptacle.

              If there is still an issue disconnect the nozzle at the breakaway and try it again. If the Phill passes the test it is the nozzle.

              If it still leaks it is likely the hose. Even though it is a 12' hose it is recommended to not stretch it beyond 7' or 8'. I have seen numerous hose leaks from over stretching the hose. The way to test is to electronically sniff the exhaust air while the unit tries to start up. A hose leak is usually internal of the coiled plastic and will follow the hose up into the machine. The hose will need replacing in this scenario.

              There are a couple possible causes for leaks internally but that if for a technician to identify and resolve.

              If you need Orings, nozzle or hose you can PM me. I have them in inventory.

              Cleaning the nozzle is accomplished by spraying a dry silicone into it. This is good for the receplacle on the car too.

              The CA distributor is Mansfield Gas (formerly GESI) 909-466-6920


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                Re: Phil Issue

                Can you just fix it for me? Wahhhh!

                I guess I can show my plumber these helpful tips and see if he can fix it? I am not the greatest troubleshooter. I just know how to fill it up with gas.

                Thank you so much. I have no idea what I am doing. I wish there was someone locally who knows how these things operate!! If we figure out the problem and we need a part, I will be sure to order it from you!


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                  Re: Phil Issue

                  Same issue here,
                  noticed a hissing noise coming from inside the phil when the compressor engages for a couple of seconds during startup.
                  soon after, I get a red light.
                  must be the change in temp causing the leak on the fittings inside.
                  Thoughts anyone?
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                    Re: Phil Issue

                    If it is an old machine the Oring(s) could be dry and shrinking. Only way to find the culprit is to pull the shroud and sniff for leaks. (or listen in this case)


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                      Re: Phil Issue

                      Hi Amfuel
                      Thanks for your constant wisdom!

                      Purchased in 2010.
                      Checked the hose & break away but has the same problem.
                      The leak is inside, quite possibly the O-ring or fitting on the Head.
                      The Startup procedure goes like so.

                      1) Press play
                      2) Internal vent fan spins
                      3) Compressor primes
                      - Hissing begins, almost faintly and gets stronger
                      4) Compressor stops
                      - Hissing continues but dissipates with less pressure to nothing
                      5) Compressor does not startup again but the warning light comes on.
                      error code (01100)

                      I've seen that this issue is prevalent with many Phil Owners..
                      Is this a field serviceable part? I would think by now that have trained repair techs in the US.
                      Would I contact the installer (PASAIR), Supplier(M_GESI), Impco or BRC for service?
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                        Re: Phil Issue

                        Did you ever fix this problem? Mine did something like this a few years ago and was fixed with a simple O-Ring...
                        Jim Blair
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                          Re: Phil Issue

                          Hi Jim,
                          Yup simple O-ring but it cost 400 bucks (Travel) for a 5 dollar part!!
                          Funny thing about that is that he was up in SF bay for the day with 3 service visits and mansfeld charges every stop 6hrs of travel!

                          The tech tried a direct replacement from Italy and it did not fit so he opened his box of tricks (full of O-rings, Looked like Greinger) and found the right size. Been working well.
                          I wonder which O-ring he used, Does anyone have a spec. I can do that replacement in a snap!
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                            Re: Phil Issue

                            hehehe.... those of us blessed with boxes full of Orings (thousands) don't look at the size unless ordering them. The bags the Orings come in are usually of absolutely no help in identifying what is in the bag unless you diligently mark the bag as it comes in. The fit and comparison to the original Oring and a bit of a pinch test for hardness tells volumes. Try an auto parts store with the original in hand for comparison.

                            In the location you speak of - too soft of an Oring won't last as the high pressure gas can shred right through the Nbuna.


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                              Re: Phil Issue

                              Check out this thread I posted in last year.

                              I found the O-ring at Applied Indust. Tech. in Fairfield, CA. O-ring Part number size 113. I paid $5 in shipping for a $.55 O-ring. As you read, the only issue I had was I used the Honda Shin-Itsu grease and the O-ring slipped out. I ordered a few, and only replaced the 1 time so far.

                              I am now beyond 10,000 hours and had to have the hour meter disabled to allow the Phill to continue to fill. I now have 148,*** miles on my 2006 GX.