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  • VRA install cost

    I keep seeing prices of $2000+ for VFA installs. What is it that makes an install cost so much? Does it require its own meter or all dedicated piping? I can see an electric cost for power. Most houses built in the last thirty years have power and gas already in the garage, which is where people put the VFA's ,so I must be missing something.
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    Re: VRA install cost

    I paid $1k to have my FM-Q2-36 installed a couple of years ago. He was out for the better part of a day pulling the 1" gas line to the side of my garage. I had him install a meter so as to know how much fuel I use in the vehicles.

    The 240v was already right where I wanted the unit, so electrical was a matter of minutes...


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      Re: VRA install cost

      High prices for installs IMO are a result of FM's policy of only selling Phills through trained, approved installers who had a virtual monopoly. It is a simple matter of correctly locating and mounting, and running gas and electric. It is a 'medium difficult' DIY project or may require a plumber and/or electrician if you need a long run or new circuit.
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        Re: VRA install cost

        The hose, nozzle, venting, and alarm are not part of the product price so add the "accessories" to the cost of the install. It takes 2 men to install as getting the unit up on the wall is a real chore. It doesn't take long but is a ball buster (and I'm a pretty good sized guy). Throw in liability insurance and etc. and there you have it.


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          Re: VRA install cost

          You have a lot of windshield time-
          First estimate and drawing up the plans and preparing the permit app.
          Permits - depends how many trips that takes to the city or county.
          In Arizona we then have an additional trip after the 2nd gas meter is installed by the gas co to start it up, test it and train the new owners.
          No gas meter and hook up until the building inspector approves it.
          Both gas and electric are dedicated lines, tapping into the existing gas line would make the building safety inspector have us resize the whole house for the additional load.
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