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  • PhiLl Error Code 11111

    Hi there - new to this forum. My Phill (P36) has stopped working and all it does is power on, get to ready state and when you connect the nozzle to the car, the Error light flashes. Following the procedure found in the manual, I was able to determine that the error code is 11111, which, unfortunately, doesn't do much for me as the manual says this is a "Non Serviceable Error".

    Any thoughts from the Phill experts here? Head rebuild? Solenoid problem? Hose problem?

    Here's the relevant info on my unit, any help would be greatly appreciated. I am in the Southern California area (OC):

    Model No. HRA-P36
    Serial No. H000339
    Spec No. 001
    Mfg Date: 12/01/05

    Thank you,


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    Re: PhiLl Error Code 11111

    First press the red stop button and make sure there is no 'error' light lit. Then
    Try this-Before you press the green button, give the unit a tap with your hand or fist fairly close to the top front of the unit. It may be the airflow sensor that hasn't returned to the 'no airflow' position. A tap of moderate enthusiasm reset mine. Hit the green button and see if it starts.