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any suggestions on new phil install

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  • any suggestions on new phil install

    Installing a new phil, any precautions, suggestions would be appreciated. Someone said use a coalescent pre filter. (would D clemet be good to contact for one? who has fuelmaker parts right now?) What about gas pipe sizing, seems manual does not suggest size only pressure perameters, is a 50' run of 3/4 gas-tite sufficient, or should I upsize to 1" Also what is the experience out there of the difference between gen1 and 1.5?

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    Re: any suggestions on new phil install

    If you are on utility-supplied gas then I wouldn't worry about a pre-filter. Line size won't matter because of the slow rate of Phill. 3/4" is more than enough.
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      Re: any suggestions on new phil install

      Hello Tom,

      Check out our 'Download' menu in the upper right corner. There's a Category devoted to Info on Phill but it contains a lot on FuelMaker in general, FMQ 2, 4 etc.

      I put a coupla' of suggestions for filters on there as well.

      Hope this helps,



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        Re: any suggestions on new phil install

        Phill 3600 new install trouble shooting issue: Phil compressor spools up and filling indicators lights cycle empty 1/4- 1/2- 3/4- then full, with-in about 30 seconds, but guage on veh (GX) reads 2/3 full. This is the first time unit has been installed (NIB). Its cold maybe 35 to 45 degrees, and phill will automaticly compensate to fill closer to 3000psi due to the low ambiant temp, but I would think that it would sill pump a few GGE's in since the tank is only 2/3 full. Guys any ideas of whats going on?