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Phill - presumable thermostat problem - advice sought

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  • Phill - presumable thermostat problem - advice sought

    i've tried contacting Fuel Systems - they don't have any replacement units available, and even though I have the dreaded "non-serviceable" error code, I think I know what is wrong.

    When it's warm (summer) outside, the unit works fine. When it's cold (60 degrees or colder), it doesn't work. Immediately upon pressing start, the red error light comes on along with the fan. When it's warm, in a few minutes the red light goes out and it starts fueling. When it's cold, the error light never goes off and the fan just runs and runs.

    I would reasonably guess that a thermostat-like device is the culprit. Does anyone know the part number, or if this is a replaceable part?

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    Re: Phill - presumable thermostat problem - advice sought

    It sounds like the electronics is failing when making temperature compensation calculations. It could be the electronics or the sensor. Either part is not field servicable. The best route is to have a tech run the programmer on it to identify the exact error, it will provide more precise answers. Oscar


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      Re: Phill - presumable thermostat problem - advice sought

      The red light going on is not ever normal. If you've already eliminated physical obstructions than I think your fan is failing. Try helping the airflow by pointing a blower at the air intake. There is a history of premature fan failures on Phill.
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        Re: Phill - presumable thermostat problem - advice sought


        You think the airflow is causing the issue? He says the fan runs and runs. If there was a loss of flow... from a fan with sticky bearings or some of the foam plugs out of place there would be the green light error code for it. Pointing a blower into the bottom to help the air flow can't hurt though.

        He could use a little ceramic heater with a fan to keep it warm. HaHa

        I still feel he needs to have a programmer put on it to find out the exact error. Then the answer will come.