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Help! Phill error: Low Cooling air flow

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  • Help! Phill error: Low Cooling air flow

    I am getting error code 01001.

    I can hear the fan starting up, speeding up, and then speeding up some more. Then it stops and errors out. There is no obstruction to the duct work.

    I have sent an HRA service request to IMPCO twice now with no response... so... I'm getting a little frustrated.

    Any help would be appreciated.


    p.s. You don't even want to know what troubles this thing has been for me... beginning with the installation contractor setting fire to my attic...

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    Re: Help! Phill error: Low Cooling air flow

    Look at this thread .

    I would call Impco to get a live person. So many firms are cutting staff , that an e-mail address within a company may not even have someone assigned to it.


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      Re: Help! Phill error: Low Cooling air flow

      Thanks for the link.

      The fan does indeed start and seems to speed up and run just fine.

      When I open phill up at the top there is a sensor, I think it is a flow sensor, just above the fan. It looks like a metal plate that I think is supposed to lift up when the fan is on. I could be completely off base here, but I think maybe the sensor is not detecting the rate of flow.

      I suppose I could try holding the sensor up while starting up the phill but I kinda don't like the idea of having my hands inside an operating machine. Maybe I'll tie a string to it to hold it up and see if that helps.


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        Re: Help! Phill error: Low Cooling air flow

        Just a short note. That little sensor is a airflow sensor. Make sure it moves freely. I had a little glitch in that I got the airflow error, and the unit would shut off showing such.
        The problem is that after shutting off, it didn't drop back to the 'no flow' position, and thus during start up, (self test)it wasn't in the correct position.
        PRIOR to hitting the green button, give the unit a gentle rap or slap with your hand or rubber mallet fairly close to the top, and this will cause the little flow sensor to correctly
        return to the no flow position and let the unit start. It seems to do a self check to make sure it it in this correct position, prior to start.
        If you hold it in the 'flo' position, it definitely won't start.
        Hope this helps.


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          Re: Help! Phill error: Low Cooling air flow

          Check that the little rubber pads covering the openings are in place. There are 2 in particular on the inner cover near the bottom front sides that have the black tubes sticking out of them. If they are out of place or missing the air flow is reduced and will cause the error. If the glue is bad - reglue or cover with aluminum duct tape. (that stuff is good) Open areas allow the airflow to escape reducing what is forced up across the compressor and out across the air flow switch. I had the same issue and sealing the holes solved the issue.