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Phill Internal Gas Alarm

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  • Phill Internal Gas Alarm

    Has anyone here had an Error code #00110, an Internal Gas Alarm? A couple of weeks ago, I started recieving a Non-Servicable Error code (3 or 4 times). I unpluged the unit to reset and all worked as normal until the next day. Now I am getting the internal gas alarm code and I'm dead in the water!

    I have spoke with the Fuel Maker Tech rep (who is now with Impco). He was helpfull in trying to figure out the problem over the phone. He thinks the internal Gas Sensor circuit board has gone bad. I have not been able to get anyone out to inspect in person to ensure that is the problem. Nor do I know if there are even parts available. I assume due to their status, there are non at this time.

    Has anyone had experience with this error, and is anyone parting out a used Phill unit that I may be able to get parts from inexpensively?

    My Phill is a 220v unit with about 3300 hrs on it.

    Thanks, Tyler

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    Re: Phill Internal Gas Alarm

    This is from the FM cheat sheet

    Check the following for a gas leak:

    Breakaway assembly
    Refueling hose
    Inlet piping

    If you can still operate the system, start it without being connected to the car. It will pressurize the hose and shut off with all lights lit. (full tank) If it passes the test the vehicle is the culprit. If not the issue is in the nozzle, breakaway, hose, or piping. It is sensing a pressure drop during the test cycle. It tests the pressure at the start of a cycle and every couple of hours thereafter.


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      Re: Phill Internal Gas Alarm

      Guess I should have included everything that I have done. I have followed the troubleshooting guide in the manual with no luck. There are no apparent leaks in the system, or in the car. Yes, I have used a gas detector to monitor the connections, pipeing, hoses, car, and compressor, both when running and not running. Also tested when connected to the car and not connected to the car. There are no apparent gas leaks.

      Just woundering if anyone has had this happen and what the cause was and the repair needed.

      Thank you.