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  • Installers?

    Anyone know of any Phill installers in San Diego County? A Honda rep (thank you, Curtis Martin) referred me to Gas Equipment Systems Inc, but they are not responding to my requests. Anyway, I think they are Orange or LA County.

    I wonder if we could compile a list of installers? I only know a plumber in NY who was "certified" by Fuelmaker.

    Can any plumber figure it out, or does it have to be someone who was certified?


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    Re: Installers?

    Originally posted by HarryT View Post
    Can any plumber figure it out, or does it have to be someone who was certified?
    There are only two things that you need to know to be a plumber: a) water runs downhill and b) if you work for a company as a plumber, payday's are on Thursday's.

    Since this deals with the installation of gas lines, and your in California, I'm going to hazard a guess and say that not only does the person need to be certified but permits are going to be involved someway, somehow.

    When the day shift comes on I'm sure they will have more precise answers for ya.

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      Re: Installers?

      Yes, permits are required, and regardless, fuelmaker (at least in its previous incarnation) would only sell units to their 'certified' installers.
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        Re: Installers?

        But, once you have a Phill sitting there, installing it is no more difficult than a gas dryer. Hook up the gas, electrical, vent (if mounted inside), and you're ready to go. Probably the trickiest part will be hanging it on the wall. Any plumber could handle it.
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          Re: Installers?

          The person who sold me his PHILL had used "Drain Doctor" in Orange County.

          It took me some time to get the SF Bay Area installer to show up, but they dealt with the inspection which was the main thing I wanted. The town did hold up the permit for two weeks waiting for fire approval, but the rest of the inspection process was smooth.

          I was sure that if I self installed the inspector would want to read the install manual and then have a problem with all of the paragraphs insisting on "certified installation".


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            Re: Installers?

            Thanks everyone, for the helpful replies. It's especially helpful to know that it is not complicated, so that any plumber should be able to handle the install.

            Is there a tech manual for Phill available anywhere?

            Also, I am thinking of skipping the permit, since I would uninstall the device before I'd ever sell my home anyway. Anyone think that could be a mistake?

            Thanks again,



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              Re: Installers?

              Well, at least I found the tech manuals for Phill in the downloads section of

              So far, Gas Equiptment Systems, Inc has been unresponsive to my calls and emails.


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                Re: Installers?

                Gas Equiptment Systems has had a unit of mine for 3 months awating service. They are too busy with stations to be of any help.

                All you need is a licensed plumber and possibly a electrician if the plumber doesn't want to do the electrical work. If you hire a licensed contractor they will handle the permit or you can get the permit yourself and that will save you money.

                If you do it yourself you will need to go to your local building department get all the info for a permit. They will want a copy of all the unit specs and instalation info. Building permits take a while depending on your city.

                You may want to ask your local building dept if anyone in the area has had one installed. If so it makes the process a bit easier if the building dept has approved one allready.

                Also the gas company in my area (Socal gas) requires approval before a instal and permit and then wants a final permit copy before giving the NGV rate for gas.

                I installed my FMq2 36 myself it was easy but all my utilities were only a couple of feet away. A phil placed inside a garage needs a Air vent above the unit.
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                  Re: Installers?

                  I pulled the permit and had my crews run the gas line and the electrical. Fuelmaker would not allow me to do my own "hanging", so I had to call the Drain Doctor to put it on the wall.

                  At that time, you could only get a new unit thru one of their certified installers, but there are only two connections to "plug and play".


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                    Re: Installers?

                    I have my unit installed in Nov 2008 by a once FuelMaker designated installer. He did good work, price is not cheap $1800 plus incremental fee incurred on pulling the permit. I suppose it was the median price for what most of the installers would charge. He used to cover Fuelmaker's client from LA to SD county. His main business is in plumbing. His has a web site Mike Fossler is the name. Good luck!.