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Fuelmaker Shut off!

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  • Fuelmaker Shut off!

    We have a fuel maker 3600 PSI compressor. I went to turn it on last night and it wont power up. None of the display lights will even come on. I checked my wiring and I have power to the main junction box under the cover. Could anyone offer some help? Is there a reset switch on the machine? Could I have a bad switch board? Please help me, someone!!! Eric

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    Re: Fuelmaker Shut off!

    Check the fuses. Turn off the power to the unit. Open the top cover. Under the top cover you will see a part in the center with a couple of silver metal cans (capacitors) mounted to it. There is a spring metal piece that you depress to release this part which is hinged at the rear. This will drop down so you can get to the control board. You will see two black plastic fuse holders. Take the fuses out and check them. If they are bad, replace them with the same amperage fuse. Check around the holders and be sure there is no heavy discoloration on the circuit board around them. The fuesholders are sometimes a problem (usually on the FM4). Hopefully this is your only problem .