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C3 disconnecting problems

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  • C3 disconnecting problems

    I have noticed a few references on the forum to people having difficulty in disconnecting the C3 Fuelmaker hose from their vehicle. This can occur when there is a problem with blowdown that keeps the hose pressurized. The recommended solution I have seen is to pull the hose straight up and out by main force. ( at least one person removed the 2 socket head cap screws instead ). However, Fuelmaker provided a better solution. On the front of the aluminum manifold block there are 3 holes. Two holes are for the bolts securing the mainfold to the control module ring. The third hole is for releasing the hose. Look into this hole and you will see the end of a brass/copper dowel protruding down. If a lever is inserted into the hole and pressure applied to the brass/copper dowel it will raise up and mechanically release the hose via pressure on the underside of the staubli. On most Fuelmakers I have seen this mechanism has become oxidized and corroded and may require unexpectedly high pressure. Whenever I rebuild a C3 Fuelmaker I always insure that it is working smoothly.