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Good Article about Fuelmaker Takeover Part 1

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  • Good Article about Fuelmaker Takeover Part 1

    What if the Oil Stops

    Italian CNG Exec Charges Honda with “Mafia-like” Conduct over Fuelmaker as Sale Nears
    Edwin Black April 30th 2009

    Automotive - IMI FuelMaker
    IMI Fuelmaker Exhibition

    This continuing coverage of America’s oil crisis arises from the The Plan: How to Save America When the Oil Stops—or the Day Before (Dialog Press). Buy it here.

    Update May 1. The day after The Cutting Edge News released its story about the impending sale of Fuelmaker, probably to Fuel Systems Solutions, the actual sale to Fuel Systems Solutions was announced. See related story in Energy.

    “It is a very bad situation. I am not good. I am desperate,” declared Haimo Staffler,
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    Re: Good Article about Fuelmaker Takeover Part 1

    Originally posted by jblue

    I barely even took the time to skim part two .. did I miss anything?

    I've read Black's stuff before. Enough to know that I didn't want to take the time to skim either part I or part II. I don't think he's a good journalist. I'm certain I didn't miss anything.
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      Re: Good Article about Fuelmaker Takeover Part 1

      Two people on the forum asked me for clarification about some of these comments. While I don't look to this forum as the arbiter of good journalism, I was asked to explain that the Fuelmaker article lead cited in the post used a traditional "feature lead" not a news lead. Such leads are found on every front page of the Washington Post, New York Times, LA Times and so forth.

      The reason the term "this reporter" is used is because of a known, decades-old convention to establish one reporter's enterprise. For example, until a few years ago, all Time Magazine articles were reported by one or more persons in the field and rewritten by a staff. Using the established convention "this reporter" avoids the "I have learned" reference. More common is the term, "NBC News has learned" or "the Washington Post has learned." Or the phrase, "Joe Jones did not return a reporter's call for comment." Often one hears, "our correspondent reports..." Lately, a convention with an edit credit or an additional contributor credit appears at the bottom. The Cutting Edge News tries to adhere to traditional even old-fashioned journalist formats in an Internet populated with blogs, flames, opinionation, jargon and sloppy expressions.

      The Fuelmaker article series in question and the cited article in particular was syndicated and run by several other media outlets for several million impressions. As I understand it, the series is being nominated for at least three awards, including a Pulitzer. I have been blessed by nine Pulitzer nominations by editors and publishers as far-ranging as Random House/Crown and BB Messenger. In addition, my work has received numerous awards for journalistic excellence. Further information on this matter and related journalistic matters can seen at .

      I began as a journalist in 1968 and was adopted into the Author's Guild that year as its youngest member by a small membership committee which included: John Steinbeck, James Michener and Rex Stout.

      What matters here is that clarity, precision and factuality was brought to a realm consistently plagued by rumor, sloppy rhetoric, moderated flames, and speculation. Hope this helps.


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        Re: Good Article about Fuelmaker Takeover Part 1

        Sorry to say Edwin This is not a group to be thin skinned around. Iv'e enjoyed the first part and am looking forward to part 2. As a company Fuelmaker has an interesting history from day one.


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          Posting of copyrighted material


          We have a longstanding policy about posting copyrighted material as follows:

          Information copyrighted or owned by any individual or entity other than the person posting should not be posted on the forums without the consent of the owner. If such an event occurs, the individual posting the information shall be held solely responsible. CNGchat shall not be held responsible for information posted by a member that may violate copyright law. If there is a news article or other piece of information you'd like to share from the web, credit the source of the information and/or give a brief two- to three- paragraph recap of the news and provide the appropriate link to the source.

          The author of this material has chimed in here without objection which we assume provides his consent to the text being posted at CNGchat. However, if Edwin wishes it removed we must oblige (community comments on the article will remain, however).


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            Re: Good Article about Fuelmaker Takeover Part 1

            I haven't had much luck with Honda. About five weeks ago I asked them for help on what to do with my Phill unit. The customer service rep talked to a manager, then told me that Honda has nothing to do with it. I asked her to repeat it.
            "Honda never owned fuelmaker" she said.
            "You are saying Honda never owned any part of Fuelmaker?" I asked.
            "Yes Honda never owned any part of fuelmaker" the honda rep said.

            Honda obviously wants to kill any history they with Fuelmaker. . . they want it dead and buried. This is not the way a good company does business. They seem to have no integrity. Honda needs to rethink how they handle these issues. . . I am already thinking I will never buy another Honda, CNG or otherwise.

            And Honda you aren't getting away with this on me. I will see you in small claims court.


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              Re: Good Article about Fuelmaker Takeover Part 1

              Well, I have to agree that it does smell like a maffia job. FuelMaker was sold for only a fraction of it's worth. Who benefits? Customers who now will be without service for months? Employees who can now kiss their jobs goodbye? It stinks.


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                Re: Good Article about Fuelmaker Takeover Part 1

                Contrary to the belief that Honda/FuelMaker is yesterdays news it is very much a currnet topic. The fact that more and more information continues to surface about the whole sale from T. Boone to this is very relavent.

                Curtis, where do you think Honda's business model originated from? It is not confined to them, it is common to all the auto industry. The Big 3 may soon be the Big 2, and possibly the Only 1 by the time this is over. They were all around before the imports. Not unlike the aviation industry they recycle all these guys from one company to another. No new blood, no new behavior.

                Before you call this old or yesterdays news take a good look around. The imports may get caught up in this mess before it is all over. This will most likely have a much farther reach then we see right now.

                If I am not irritated over being quoted, why are you? Look at all the people that have been left behind by this then tell me that only the "good" needs to be reported. Seems to be a little unrealistic to me given the fact that people that rely on home fueling have no parts or warranty as of now. I do not really see the good in that myself, and no one has yet to really start infusing the market with parts or product as of yet.


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                  Re: Posting of copyrighted material

                  My copyrighted material must be removed. As I review it better, I see it violates Fair Use. Please do so.

                  The following statement is libelous:
                  "A rather tame review, but it does remind me of this incident:

                  That BBC article referred to a fake reviewer. The review syndicated by The Cutting Edge News was not of a fake reviewer but one that first ran in the Miami Herald by a noted book critic whose work appears across America and has for years. His work was then syndicated to numerous metropolitan dailies. Other information in your post is false and twisted, and/or constitutes false light.


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                    Re: Good Article about Fuelmaker Takeover Part 1

                    We have removed copyrighted text as per our ToS:


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                      Re: Good Article about Fuelmaker Takeover Part 1


                      Lets get back to the concerns of all the Fuelmaker owners out there.

                      According to Paula Hebert today:

                      1. IMPCO/Fuel Solutions/BRC will be moving the manufacturing to Italy,
                      2. keeping warranty and service here, but moving it to Sterling Hts., MI,
                      3. brought her, Mario and their trainer back.

                      Hope this helps.

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                        Re: Good Article about Fuelmaker Takeover Part 1

                        Sorry I am using this manner to post a request but I am not very good at using the forum. This forum has many powerful features--John Mitton is to be complimented... but I just have not mastered them and probably won't, especially since I am not a member of the community. Three requests:

                        1) If you have a private message, as a number of you do, please do not leave me "private messages" via this forum website as that is not a normal route to communicate with me. Instead do as all others do and hit or any of my booksites. I try to respond to inquiries as fast as time allows. As some of you know, the main email there was briefly disabled for a few days because of a server but it is now working again. If you do communicate with me, you must use your full name, address and phone, no untraceable names or monikers or hidden personalities. That is standard.

                        2) If you friended me on this site, please unfriend me so the notification is removed when I log on for article-specific informational purposes. I of course want to be in touch with readers, but the way to do that is hit my site and ask to be placed on my vetted private distribution list.

                        3) If you have specific comments, complaints or compliments about the way this CNGchat forum is operating, or CNG as an altfuel, or a company in the field, you are welcome to share those with me. I need specifics, names wherever possible, and of course documents where appropriate.

                        I appreciate the many communications I have received from forum members, and I dare say more than a few will have bylined articles and signed letters contributed to me for publication that will be appearing in the near future. I find many of the members here extremely informed with a reasoned contribution to make that deserves a wider audience in a traditional editorial format.

                        Thank you again, edwin


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                          Re: Good Article about Fuelmaker Takeover Part 1

                          I retract my statement about Mr. Black.
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