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My conversation with Impco

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  • My conversation with Impco

    I spoke to Impco in Santa Anna a week after the consumation of the sale. They were in scramble mode. The courts had given them 10 days to get all equipment obtained out of the FM facilities within 10 days.

    They had no time to do an organized strategic evacuation of the equipment. They were running semi's 24 hours a day from Canada to Chicago warehouses. Once relocated, it was going to be about organizing and identifying priorities.

    There were maintenance contracts, purchased equipment to deliver, dealer networks to deal with. The scenario played out like a one armed man in a paper hanging contest.

    I was reassured that their intent was to come back to the market better and stronger than FM had been, and that their decades of LPG and CNG experience was going to play heavily in their success. They also felt that the refueling equipment was a perfect fit for their future business plans.

    I want to personally want to thank the hard working people at Honda who busted their butts to make sure this sale happened in a timely manner and that home refueling would remain viable in the future.

    Their business decisions were just that. This action was necessary and reasonable in the normal course of business. As I predicted, this will all work out to our advantage once the dust settles.

    Those of you that have contacted me about problems with your equipment, continue to post info in the Home Refueling Forum and everyone will contribute the best we can. There are dealers out there in the group that offer aid when possible, some even have a few parts. Juust remember, the Phill was not a field servicable unit.

    Otherwise, hang in there until Impco can get settled in. We'll be able to get a better picture of how things are shaping up as time goes by.

    Let's stay positive and constructive on this issue. Complaining and crying about that which you have no control will only be counter productive at this point.

    If all else fails, recite the serenity prayer; God grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change, the courage to change the things I can... and the wisdom to know the difference.

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    Re: My conversation with Impco

    Thanks Curtis and well said.
    Impco, about 3 or 4 years ago was trying to buy out Marilyn Miller, who had the old OHG molds and was selling the CNG and LPG mixers, X-1 vaporizer/regulator and the X-2 CNG low pressure regulators. I wounder if Impco succeeded by giving her a check for the whole operation.

    I'd also like to know what happened to her 1966 Vet that was on LP with turbo. The car was set up by her late husband Ak Miller. Those two were neat people. The last I had heard Marilyn had just -- "disappered", that was the term used by a very reliable source.