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doing home filling right?

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  • doing home filling right?

    hi, if i just wanna do it right, not try to save heaps of dough...

    what is the best home filler for Los Angeles area, in an attached garage?

    Who do I call for a soup to nuts install, permits and all? I want Mr Clean to roll up in his van and just take care of everything.


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    Re: doing home filling right?

    Right now you are between a rock and hard place the only company that, makes a home refueling device is temporarily out of business. My recommendations would be a Fuelmaker FMQ2/36. If you want to fill in the garage, your only choice is a Phill. As for an installer I can't be of help.

    Dose any one know if a remote fuel panel in a garage from a FM is legal?


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      Re: doing home filling right?

      A RFP in a garage can be legal in the Netherlands but requires additional safety measures. The FuelMaker website has manuals still downloadable which can probably tell you whether additional safety measures are required in North America.