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Bye-Bye Fuelmaker, let the Phill hacking begin!

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  • Bye-Bye Fuelmaker, let the Phill hacking begin!

    So all us orphaned Phill (and other Fuelmaker product) owners are currently SOL unless someone picks up Fuelmakers pieces.

    Has anyone attempted to reset the hour meter on a Phill? There have been a few threads that the Phill can run 6000-8000 hours especially since the hour meter runs when the unit is drying.

    If anyone has a expired unit that would be willing to let a electronics guru (I am not unfortunately, only computers) take a look at it and see if there is a way to squeeze a little more life out of our units that would be great. I would offer to help in any way possible including unit transport throughout southern CA.

    Also if there are any former Fuelmaker employees that would like to contribute to this effort (anonymously is fine) feel free!

    2000 Toyota Camry CNG
    FuelMaker Phill v1.0