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FMQ-2-36 service question . . .

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  • FMQ-2-36 service question . . .

    Thinking about buying Honda GX and Fuelmaker from buddy in Nor Cal who is moving to Australia. It seems that his FM is due for service soon (350-649 hours per the unit) and, if I understand correctly, it shuts down when hour counter reaches zero.

    So . . . what are my options for service? Is it something I can do myself (I'm above average do-it-yourself guy: certified Nissan mechanic) or should I toss in the towel and take/send it to someone? Are parts readily available or do I have to order from Fuelmaker?

    ANY advice or opinions are welcome!!

    Thanks for you input, Chris
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    Re: FMQ-2-36 service question . . .

    The counter actually counts upwards untill it hits 4000 hours, then it will need to be rebuilt. Parts and service available through your local FuelMaker dealer.
    Check on your local dealer at, click on dealers and then your state.
    Dave Clement