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FMQ-2 Processor Fails

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  • FMQ-2 Processor Fails

    Had a to replace my failed processor board in August 2008 after 2280 hours of operation; hit me for $350.
    Then in January, the replacement board died 288 hours and 5 months later!
    The FuelMaker rep sent it in for diagnosis and requested a refund, which he got, and passed back to me (fortunately).
    I think these are temperamental to power outages and the like.
    So now I turn off the power after each use. I looked into a 220 VAC power protection unit, and found one in excess of $300 - think I'll just save my money and kill the power.

    If anyone knows of a less costly power protector for a 15 amp 220 VAC circuit, please pass the info along to us. Thanks
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    Re: FMQ-2 Processor Fails

    I researched power protection as well and didn't find a economical method that would meet code. Brown out is the problem we have at our location. The voltage will drop suddenly especially during storms which causes any appliance running to pull more current than it is designed for. So my solution so far is to shut off the FMQ at the breaker when not in use and not run it in bad weather.

    My question of any FMQ gurus is does shutting it off harm the unit? Is there an inexpensive way of protecting it (less than $300)? Thanks.
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      Re: FMQ-2 Processor Fails

      I always unplug and turn off the gas supply to my Fuelmakers when not in use. They are connected with L30 twistlock plugs so it is easy. If you are hard-wired, just shut off the disconnect for the unit. Kind of a catch 22 with electronics. On one hand, they don't like surges or brown outs when operating. On the other hand just plugging in the unit is a surge as all the capacitors on the circuit board charge up. In any event, if there are thunderstorms in the area, or you notice diming or flickering lights in your house, shut off the power to the unit. Even with a good surge arrestor, a close lightning hit will exceed the clamping level of all but the best arrestors--I wouldn't risk it during the current spare parts problems with Fuelmaker .


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        Re: FMQ-2 Processor Fails

        Check the power with a vom at start up and run. Big drops are big problems.

        It would be a good idea to check all the electrical connections at the panel and outlet if the voltage drop is more than about 4 vac. If you are just in a bad power area, lick your wounds, all your stuff is going to blow.

        There isn't a much worse issue than constant failure and not identifying the underlying culprit. I've seen it way too many times. It really has big negative impacts on a manufacturer too.


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          Re: FMQ-2 Processor Fails

          Oh yeah- turn on the AC and other loads to see if there is an effect on the voltage


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            Re: FMQ-2 Processor Fails

            Voltage drops and brown outs used to be a big problem in Alaska, still are in some areas. A old sparky trick......install a electriclly held relay on the load side of the disconnect. Most relay coils will drop out at less than 105 volts and you will be forced to reset the relay. The other big benifet is that by the time you get to the reset the voltage from a brown out will have stablized.

            Worked for 25 years up here