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fuelmaker breakaway port

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  • fuelmaker breakaway port

    hi, my friend and i have the same issue.

    i have a c3 and he has a fm4 fuelmaker, we both have bad breakaway ports.

    my c3 port leaks and i can't build pressure.

    his is missing the bearing that holds the hose in so it pops out..

    where can i get 2 breakaway ports, they are the cylinder looking things that the hoses plug into?


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    Re: fuelmaker breakaway port

    You can find the nearest dealer to you at click on dealers and choose your state. The list is in alphabetical order. Don't just look at the default in the box.


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      Re: fuelmaker breakaway port

      Those ports are called Staubli breakaways.

      Metooinc sells them

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        Re: fuelmaker breakaway port

        I just re-built my break-a-way port a couple nights ago it was not that hard at all, replaced all the o-rings as it was leaking gas when re-fueling , once all o-rings were replaced its been working great.
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          How did you disassemble the inner housing from the nipple fitting? Does it unscrew?

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        Re: fuelmaker breakaway port

        My connector is leaking on my FMQ 2-36. I broke it down like the pic in the previous post. It was packed with joint compound. Probably a mistake at the factory. The o-rings are in small pieces. Does anyone know the o-ring size that is supposed to be used? Thanks.
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          Re: fuelmaker breakaway port

          orings required to rebuild breakaway port are std orings this is for a dual port

          these are std numbers you should be able to get at any hyd shop
          good luck


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            Re: fuelmaker breakaway port

            Thanks for the info. I was able to rebuild it by trial and error. I'm sure these will be useful for others who encounter the same problem. One thing to note is that if you have a dual port, there needs to be a hose connected in both ports. I believe mine failed because one port was empty and the o-ring slowly migrated into the port. Since rebuilding the connector I have installed the other hose even though I don't use it very often.
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            '09 White Civic GX
            '06 White Bifuel Ridgeline
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              Re: fuelmaker breakaway port

              I'm having similar leaking issues. Does anyone have a drawing of the inside of the cylindrical pieces that have to be rebuilt? Alternately, does anyone rebuild these alone. An FM dealer visit is not the most cost effective option and I'm trying to avoid it.
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