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    Hi Guys

    We are close to completing developmental work on a home refueller in Australia, with medium-term potential for export (including to the US).

    Our specification is for a fill speed of 4 cubic metres/hour (about 1.25 gge) from a standard domestic supply.

    Part of the project is to undertake some market research. I need some (reasonably reliable) statistics to get a feel for the US market. Does anyone know how many Phill units have been sold/installed so far?

    I'd be grateful for any information you can supply.



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    Re: Phill Statistics

    I don't have statistics for Phill, but if your unit does over 1 GGE per hour, you have more market potential than Phill does. I have one of the larger fuel maker models and it does ~ .9/hr, but that's twice the rate of a Phill. I'm sure that someone on the chat will have some idea... possibly cngAZ (Dave)

    Good luck and keep us posted on the progress!
    2008 GX (extended range, trunkless version)
    Polished Metal Metallic 2012 Civic Natural Gas
    Fuelmaker FMQ-2-36 (since 2001)
    Previously owned: 2000 GX (11 years), 1995 Bi-fuel Sonoma, 2000 Bifuel Tahoe, 2000 Bi-fuel F150


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      Re: Phill Statistics

      If I remember correctly, the serial number of one of my Phills was around 300. So, I would guess that at least 300 Phills have been installed.


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        Re: Phill Statistics

        My Phill is H0014XX so it may be well above the 1400 number by now. Mine is about a year and a half old.

        My History is 1 Recall and 2 failures so far with this unit...
        One Recalled Hose
        One Hose Leak Covered by Fuelmaker with a Replacement hose,
        One Internal Gas Leak Not Covered. Estimated Repair Cost was $1500 to De-Install, Ship, Exchange, and Re-Install through Fuelmaker and their Installers. Actual Repair Cost $0.20 for a new O-Ring at McFadden Dale Hardware!

        They truely need some competition!

        Jim Blair
        2004 Honda Civic GX


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          Re: Phill Statistics

          Will this be an outdoor unit or will it have a leak detection & blow-out fan such as Phill has for indoor use? Also, we assume it will use 240 volt two phase power?