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FMQ-2-36 used on 3000 psi car?

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    Re: FMQ-2-36 used on 3000 psi car?

    Originally posted by Adrian View Post
    Looks like (b) would control most situations where one slow fills a 3000 psi system to 3600 psi overnight. Morning temperatures are likely in the 50-60F range and extrapolated to 135F, the pressure would surely be above 3750, 1.25X the service pressure of 3000 psi.

    That is only if you fill up 3600 psi overnight and then let your car sit in the hot sun and warm up to 135°F. Then the settled pressure would be above 3750 psi (1.25 times 3000 psi) at 135°F.

    We are going to get people that might say that using a 3600 psi filling station is safe for a 3000 psi tank (I mean its only 600 psi). And then you are going to get people that will argue that that's the reason for the different filling receptacles, and that no 3000 psi tank should be pressurized to 3600 psi. When you could read the spec (NGV2) and justify that 3600 psi is okay for a 3000 psi tank. I would err on the side of safety. Is 600 psi really worth it? I think not.
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      Re: FMQ-2-36 used on 3000 psi car?

      Thanks for all the help. The FM-2-36 nozzle will not fit on the Crown Vic (tried it myself) and I do not wish to modify it. After reading all the posts, I'm going to trade for a completely rebuilt 3000psi unit with dual filling hoses.


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        Seems the opening poster has found the answers he needs. Thank you everyone for chiming-in.