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FMQ-2 Processor failure

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  • FMQ-2 Processor failure

    My FMQ-2 processor board appears to have died following some sort of power interruption while it was OFF, not running, although nothing else in my house was affected.

    3 fuses all OK, 220VAC to the terminals, hit the reset button several times, and NOTHING. No LED's, no run, no nothing.

    Anyone ever have to replace one? How much?
    Does FuelMaker offer rebuilt ones?

    CNG home fueling is starting to get expen$ive...
    Just paid $1000 for a renewed compressor a few months ago.

    UPDATE: I ordered a replacement from the FuelMaker rep @ $350.
    No way to find out what happened.
    Looking into surge protection for the 240 VAC - there is one at for $230. Seems a bit steep.
    I now plan to turn off the power when not running my fueler.
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    Re: FMQ-2 Processor failure

    Your local dealer for fuel maker should come out and do a diagnostic on it.


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      Re: FMQ-2 Processor failure

      I wonder if I should put in some sort of surge protection into the circuit before installing my FMQ2 ?