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Problems with Phill Made by Fuelmaker

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  • Problems with Phill Made by Fuelmaker

    In January the front panel quit working on my Phill unit and the cost to repair would have been $150.00 had I bought the parts. This time it's the nozzle and the unit has about 3000 hours of use. The nozzle leaks enough gas to shut the unit down. This repair is $295.00 for rebuilt parts including shipping. I can only estimate the usage because I have a gas meter dedicated to the unit.

    I have concerns about the quality of the Phill unit and how much it will cost before it reaches the end of it life (about 6000 hours).

    Honda has a problem with the transmission and simply extended the warranty to 100,000 miles. Fuel maker has declined to provide any adjustment to the parts cost.

    I like the clean air technology and home fueling but the performance of the Fuelmaker unit has been disappointing.

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    Re: Problems with Phill Made by Fuelmaker

    I agree.

    You can get a new Parker CNG nozzle (same as the original) from for about $100. Make sure you tell them you need the reverse thread version.
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