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  • Post your Phill and FMQ Pictures


    Would those of you who have home filling units like the PHILL and FMQ mind posting some pictures of your installations. I am going to pull my own permits soon and want to get some idea of the install options (I have read the manuals already).

    I am interested in shots of the electrical/gas connecitons to the units and the shut off devices you used for them.

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    Re: Post your Phill and FMQ Pictures

    Folks, please post them in the photo gallery as it can process them more effectively than inside a discussion thread.

    Then let in_cognito know that you have uploaded the photo(s) by leaving a remark here. Thanks!


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      Re: Post your Phill and FMQ Pictures

      You can see my installation on this site by searching in the gallery for 8428 (click and enlarge). This was installed in 2005 I think. Strictly "plug and play", just like installing a gas water heater. The gas shut off valve is a low pressure hot water heater valve and the flex line to the Phill is low pressure. The cord just plugs into a 110v outlet with a gfi (not shown). They may have gone to 220v by now.

      Scott's Photos
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        Re: Post your Phill and FMQ Pictures

        Scott -

        did you install this yourself? Can you usually fill your tank at night? Do you know how much you are paying per gallon? How often do you need to change the unit or the filters?




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          Re: Post your Phill and FMQ Pictures

          Yes, I had all the prep work done prior to the arrival of the installer. After all of the taxes (state regulatory fee, public purpose surcharge, Santa Monica city users tax(10%alone) and base price of the gas, my rate is $1.71 per gallon. Then you have to add a small amount for electrical usage and some people factor in the rebuild of the unit. I guess you have to figure a couple dollars per gallon when it is all said and done. As the price of CNG at the pump goes up, it looks better to fill at home. In 2005 when I purchased the unit it was kind of equal either way. I did not buy the car to save money on fuel, rather it is the convenience and independence created by the home fueling and the other advantages of the GX. I still fuel at the stations just to give my machine a break. I can drive solo in the carpool lane and my wife, the shopper, constantly grabs the keys so she can park at the meters for free. It is hard to explain how good the benefits make you feel as you don't have to waste time at the gas station pump and at the same time are doing the environment a favor. I usually fill at night and after seeing posts about compressor life, I don't fill it to the top so that the compressor does not have to work as hard. I am not familiar with any filters on the unit that need to be changed. I have heard the lifespan is 4,000 hrs from one source and 6,000 hrs from another.


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            Re: Post your Phill and FMQ Pictures

            Originally posted by scott View Post
            ... I have heard the lifespan is 4,000 hrs from one source and 6,000 hrs from another.
            Rebuild on an FMQ is required every 4000 hours (~3600 GGE), the Phill is 6000 (~2400 GGE) FMQ is field serviceable, Phill needs to be sent to the factory.
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              Re: Post your Phill and FMQ Pictures

              Just had my FMQ-2 (3000 psi) head replaced today. It was an older 2300 hour unit, but my FuelMaker Rep was able to put a newer 4000 hour head on.
              He says the heads were of several versions over the years, so be sure you ask for or otherwise get the highest hours possible when yours is up for changeout.
              They range from 1500 - 2300 - 3000 - 4000 hours and are interchangeable on the FMQ-2. (I assume simlar for the FMQ-2-36).
              He hasn't sent me the invoice yet, so I am still holding my breath...
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                Re: Post your Phill and FMQ Pictures

                Added pictures of my Phill installation into the gallery:

                Just yesterday I added the Gas inlet pressure reader after my Phill errors many times about low inlet pressure.