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Hooking up a Phill or FM2 in Mass?

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  • Hooking up a Phill or FM2 in Mass?


    I'm looking into the feasibility of getting a CNG car and possibly a Phill or FM2 in Massachusetts. I read the Phill vs FM2 thread and liked the idea of getting a used FM2 off ebay, but I'm still just in the research phase. There are some CNG stations here, but not that many close to me. It would be great to be able to fill up at home.

    If I did find a Phill or FM2, who would I need to have install it? Is this something a plumber and electrician can do or do you need someone with special training/licensing? Is is as simple as piping in a gas stove or something more involved? Are there any building code requirements that i need to look into first?

    Any other general thoughts on where I should begin would be greatly appreciated.


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    Re: Hooking up a Phill or FM2 in Mass?

    I think the best comparison would be to installing pool equipment. You need 220v plus a gas supply for FM, so someone with both electricial and plumbing skills. You need to install the pump, with electrical and gas connections close enough to your car to connect them.

    I think buying a Phill is impractical outside of CA and NY because Fuelmaker doesn't have installers there and therefore won't support it. There is probably Fuelmaker service available in your area for any other model.
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      Re: Hooking up a Phill or FM2 in Mass?

      Because FuelMaker has commercial installers all over the country, there may well be one in your region. They do commercial stations all over the place. Paula Hebert is the US rep for them. I don't have her number here at home, but one of the others may have it handy. She can direct you if you are dealing with anything larger than a Phill.


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        Re: Hooking up a Phill or FM2 in Mass?

        or [email protected]
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