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Can anyone tell me what a Fuelmaker PHILL station is worth?

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  • Can anyone tell me what a Fuelmaker PHILL station is worth?

    Was wondering if anyone can please tell me what a lightly used, perfectly working PHILL station is worth? It's about ten years old and was probably used between 50-100 times to fill up an "6-8 gallon fuel tank"

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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    YYMMDD Prior sales on eBay that I noted are from a few years back:

    170530 $1110 Phill HRA 1.5 P36 S/N M003758
    160617 $1100 Phill Generation 1.5 240V
    170202 $2300 CA Phill by FuelMaker HRA-P36



    • illbebeck
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      Thank you! And it looks like a non-working one (HRA-P36-G1.5) just sold a couple of days ago for $800

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    Two concerns that anyone buying a Phill would have:

    1. How many operating hours does it have on it or how many hours are left before rebuild is needed? I thought (could be wrong) that the time-out was 4,000 hours.

    2. Where do I get the Phill repaired or compressor rebuilt. I thought (could be wrong) that BRC was no longer supporting this unit and you might need to find one of the very few technicians (unicorn) around that may be able to work on it.

    It is a shame because Phill was supposed to bring home fueling to the masses and was once touted as such.