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Any usefulness/value for a new Fuelmaker FM4 unit?

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  • Any usefulness/value for a new Fuelmaker FM4 unit?

    I am the owner of a new Fuelmaker FM4 CNG compressor unit. I’ve had it stored in my garage since 1993 when it was originally purchased to be used in a test residential refueling application...project was cancelled and the compressor remained boxed up to this day. It has not been installed and operated at all. I was familiar with CNG technologies in the 1980s and early ‘90s, but am out of touch with present day CNG technology. I found this Forum and wish to ask some members that are more current whether there is any value or usefulness to this unit. This unit comes with a filling hose and installation/operating instructions. I will attach a few pictures...I’m just looking for some comments as to whether this unit is useful 27 years after it was manufactured. Thank you!
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    The FM4 is the forerunner to the FMQ2. The latter can be 3000 psi or 3600 psi. Parts are interchangeable. for the FM4 and Q2 P30. Sitting unused for 27 years may not be good. for operational parts, Orings, seals, etc. I'll message you.


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      I expect it would fire up just fine given the kind of lubricant used. It will be of limited utility as it is 3000psi only and most vehicles are 3600. There is a 'programmer' for it which you might want to buy so you can change the internal parameters. I think I have one.
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        3000 psi is fine for what I would use it for. Have you had any offers?


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          Do you still have this pump? I am in need of a second FM4.