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    Today my wife decided to take my compressor for a ride around the block. She didn't get very far before she noticed the hose in her mirror. I set the compressor back up and drug it back to the corner of the garage where it lives reattached the gas line and it fired right up but it did bust the end off of my fill hose where it attaches to the compressor. I see a few on ebay and was wondering if there is any reason a hose from a Phil won't work?

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    Sounds like you have a Q2. 3000 psi or 3600 psi? Never tried putting a Phill hose on a Q2 but with the larger coupling it is doubtful. Your hose blew off probably because of damages. Running over the hose will crucs the tubing internally and likely got stretched while passing under the tire. If your nozzle is OK just the hose needs replacing. I do have some of various lengths in stock and maybe a few used hoses. If interested PM me with pressure and length. I'll go out and check the shop and let you know the particulars.


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      A hose is a hose. Hydraulic grade hose anyway. Go to your local hydraulics outfit and show them what you've got, and what you want. I think it was Phill that fitted odd reverse threads, hence might be just about the only thing you can't use. If 'She Who must be Obeyed' has a want to do this again, fit a breakaway coupling. Pricey, the Bay of E is your friend. But whatever you do, don't 'drug' it, it's just not nice.
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        Brit, the Fuel Maker hoses are - 3600 psi have 7/16" LH thread at the nozzle end and the 3000 psi has 9/16" LH thread. The plug in end is different so a hose can only be used with the proper pressure outlet. 3000 psi come in 10,15,20,25 foot lengths and 3600 psi come in 10,15,20 foot lengths. The larger plug in end of a Phill hose won't go through the hose insert of the FM4 or the FMQ2. A hydraulic shop may/may not be able to do a repair on this type of high pressure hoses.