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  • Phill Breakaway Leak

    I have a distinct gas leak at the car side breakaway fitting of my Phill (I can smell it). I have pulled the breakaway apart and lubed it with silicone spray three times, but it still leaks. When the breakaway was apart, I pumped up my Phill. It shut down after pressurizing to four lights and indicated a hose leak. Any suggestions on how to cure this leak would be appreciated. Thanks, Dick Sommer

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    I suppose the two public stations in your city are still available to use until a fix is found:

    7790 Durant Dr Colorado Springs CO
    706 Tia Juana St Colorado Springs CO


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      Dick, depending on the age of the Phill the breakaway may be near the unit (older) or have the breakaway near the nozzle. (newer style) Typical newer style hose leak issue is from stretching the hose more than about 6 feet regularly. This can damage the hose inside the yellow coiled jacket. Usually the internal gas detector will shut down the unit and have an error code caused by gas seeping up the yellow jacket and into the unit. Have an authorized service person replace the hose.


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        Thanks for the info. My Phill hose has two breakaways, one near the compressor and one near the fill nozzle. The one near the nozzle is leaking. The hose does have to stretch over the trunk of my car on a regular basis. There are no authorized service people in my area, so I am on my own to fix this problem. Do you happen to have a replacement hose segment that runs between the two breakaways? Would like to try this potential fix to see it might work.