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Can a machine shop rebuild the compressor head on a Fuelmaker FM4

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  • Can a machine shop rebuild the compressor head on a Fuelmaker FM4

    Hi Guys. I have a Fuelmaker FM4 in the front of my home that I was able to use for about 14 months. I got a good deal on it by purchasing it with a car and later sold the car. It cost me $800 bucks to install it, then another $425 to get the circuit board rebuilt last August. Then the unit started vibrating and being loud last October, so I shut it off. I talked to 3-4 Fuelmaker repair techs and the consensus is the compressor head needs a rebuild. I found one place in Utah that will do it for $1200. With a CNG station charging $2.39 per gallon 10 minutes from my home, another that I access while on the freeway for $1.95, I don't feel that a rebuild would be a good investment. Doesn't seem like I will save much and it would take a long time to recoup my money. I do like the convenience of making my own fuel, and there may be a small amount of savings.

    Anyway, has anybody ever tried taking the compressor to a competent machine shop to have it rebuilt at a lower cost? I can pull it off and take it in no problem. Would parts be the biggest issue? Are the internals like a regular piston engine where maybe a cylinder hone, valve job, new rings would do the trick? Also, I didn't have it bolted down on the cement but it doesn't seem to move and the electric gas line are pretty tight on it.

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    The piston rings are composite, one piece. Nothing at all like a car engine piston ring. I would not spend money on it if you still have cng for $ 2.39 at the station.


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      Thanks for posting and for this site! I am about to tackle my p 36. Be my first time but how hard can it be? I can not seem to find a repair manual so I'll record the whole process. I think I have to check out the unit first to see exactly what is causing it to not build up pressure and time out. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated! Kind regards, Tim