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Fuelmaker C3 restoration

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    Have made some pregress again, seems we wont be needing the extra arduino board to correct the voltage overload problem, someone has provided a solutiion tantalisingly too simple to resist to work around.

    With the addition of a simple voltage divider circuit, we are able to limit the voltage input into the arduino module from the pressure transducer thereby allowing the unit to monitor the high pressure sensor and not requiring the extra arduino module. All can be achieved with the one module.

    Will post updates as they eventuate.


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      Originally posted by hypermilinggx View Post
      If you actually succeed in building your own electronic control module for a Fuelmaker, you're pretty good, but your biggest challenge still lies ahead. Where will you get internal compressor parts? You may be able to find good used hard parts, but what about soft wear parts, such as piston rings & seals? I was able to string my FMQ-2-36 along for about seven years with good used parts, but it all ended with the stage 3 shuttle cup seal. I had several seals custom made over the years, but this particular seal was made in such a way that was not easily duplicated. It came down to having the seal material chemically analyzed to find out what material it was made of. If you did do that, then a seal manufacturer will want to know how many thousand or tens of thousands you want made. No seal manufacturer is going to tool-up to make you up a hand full of seals for a reasonable price.

      As far as trying to make a Fuelmaker work with custom made parts, you picked the right model. The C3 is far better than the FM series.

      Please let us know how it goes in the future.
      On Saturday the 25th of April 2019, thanks to the help of my best mate, we have managed to get the arduino control module to fire the motor and purge solenoid and filled our first tank with air and successfully cut out according to high pressure.
      I have posted a short video to the prototype.



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        Today the larger screen has arrived and have started the process of reconfiguring the code in arduino to display the necessary information. To jazz things up a little, we are calling the fuelmaker c3 "fuelmaker 2000" as a tribute to the arduino hardware upgrade. The new board is simulating the function of the orignal board according to the service manual to a tee with a few improvements on the original. We now have replaced the led display with a 4 line by 24 character lcd display. That display now shows total run time logged for each session which resets every time you start the fill process, a total run time counter which when reaches 3000 hours the system shuts down and requires servicing and the timer rest to continue, fill percentage, mode of operation as in filling and stopped, temperature of head and box on display and pressure rise monitoring over time to ensure the system is functioning correctly. We are due in the next couple of weekends to do another tank test fill with compressed air and also need to remove the temperature sensor from the head to work out its values and hopefully use the original sensor for temperature monitoring. Will update as things progress further


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            screen mounted, almost ready to put into service.